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Top real senior angular developer resume sample 2024

Use our senior angular developer resume sample to serve as a template and inspiration as you build your own. By the end, you’ll have the tools and knowledge needed to create a resume that helps you land your dream job.

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    Angular developers jobs are one of the most required jobs, that is why there is a great competition for the senior angular developers positions. As a senior angular dev you need to differentiate yourself by crafting a compelling senior angular developer resume sample.

    This article from Resume Forrest will be discussing the steps for crafting an angular programmer resume with the best senior angular developer resume sample you can use or build the perfect resume using Resume Crafter 2024.

    Formatting your senior angular developer resume sample

    Remember that your senior angular developer resume sample will likely be first reviewed by an ATS checker, When it comes to ATS:

    • Use simple and readable fonts like Raleway, Rubik, Lato among others to make it easy for the ATS to scan; or serif plus sans-serif fonts both of which are friendly with ATS; Avoid commonly used options such as Arial and Times New Roman since these can be suitable but do not have personality.
    • Use 10 to 12 points for writing the paragraphs and use 14 points for headings.
    • One-column and two-column resumes can be processed effectively by the ATS. 
    • Reverse chronological format is the best format for  seniors to express their experience.
    • Finally, while submitting your senior angular developer resume sample consider converting into a senior angular developer resume pdf so that all data remains intact making the document easier for printing as well as reading and scanning.

    How to write a senior angular developer resume sample?

    Your senior angular developer resume sample should contain some essential sections, that include angular 10 resume points:

    1- Header

    This consists of your personal details such as (name, phone, address, email address), portfolio link, and a tagline.

    Craft the best junior angular developer resume

    2- Summary

    The summary of the resume is the accumulation of your major experiences that you have gone through as well as significant accomplishments and set skills. Spotlights the best experiences so far in your career and your achievements in numbers.

    Build junior front end developer cv example

    3- Experience 

    Why do recruiters need to know about your expertise as an angular developer? Firstly, your past positions indicate that you have gained necessary expertise which may be useful in this role. Your experience shows angular developer roles and responsibilities and also shows how much you can achieve after a successful history;It demonstrates these qualities through accomplishments. It highlights why it is special to work with you.

    If you want to make your experience section as effective as possible, just follow this formula in your senior angular developer resume sample:

    • begin each bullet with a strong action verb , which is then followed by what you did and how that benefited the company.
    • You are more likely to get recruiters’ attention when you can incorporate as much detail as possible; these details should be related to the job and address your skill set.

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    4- Show your hard Skills

    Whether you are crafting an angular full stack developer resume, or an angular net developer resume, or an angular and node js resume, or an angular architect resume, you need to observe closely beneath the lines of the Angular developer job ad, all the requirements are connected to both hard skills and soft skills of applicants.

    Hard skills or technical skills refer to your proficiency with certain technologies. These can be easily measured by using examples from your professional background or even certification courses.

    Some of the best hard skills that can be in angular resume are:

    • Angular.js
    • TypeScript
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • RxJS
    • NgRx 
    • RESTful APIs.
    • Unit Testing 
    • End-To-End Testing
    • Version Control (Git)

    5– Highlight soft skills

    Your soft skills are less obvious to measure compared to your hard skills since they include personal traits that one acquires through exposure in different contexts/ teams/organizations. Those include:

    • Leadership skills.
    • Problem Solving Ability.
    • Communication.
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Creativity
    • Project Management.

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    6- Education and certification

    Allocate some space on your resume to indicate degrees and certificates by adding The most recent qualifications and abreast with recent advancements.

    List all relevant higher education within your resume in reverse chronological order (beginning from the newest). Sometimes having a PhD in a given field can make you unique among other applicants.

    Use the best Top Real senior front-end developer cv example

    7- Projects

    Highlight up to three major projects you worked on also include a link to your project portfolio in the angular developer resume header as well.

    8- Highlight your achievements

    Here you should showcase your best achievements and show them in numbers and how you contributed to the success of the companies you worked for.

    Know the best front end developer resume with experience

    9- Publications

    If you have any Publications you should add them, that will add value to your senior angular developer resume sample.

    Know how to build junior front end developer resume

    10- Use Action Verbs

    You can start some sections especially experiences and achievements with these verbs:

    • Developed
    • Implemented
    • Optimized
    • Resolved
    • Integrated
    • Tested
    • Refactored
    • Mentored
    • Architected
    • Automated
    • Enhanced
    • Innovated
    • Troubleshot

    Using this angular resume points will help you craft a perfect resume for seniors, then you can check it using our AI Resume Checker.

    Senior angular developer resume sample

    If you are looking for an angular resume sample to use this the best sample you can use:

    Email Address:



    Responsible for deliverables testing.
    Together with the Tech Lead and Integration Manager, ensure that all project deliverables are delivered on time.
    Design web portal functionalities and coordinate development with other teams.
    Experience in designing/developing Angular/Node 2.0 JS applications and coordinating development projects.
    Use user stories to develop technical requirements to ultimately deliver new or modified unique expert level programs or features or modules timely at very low cost.
    Create design and development plans using current tools and techniques as well as new applicable technology that will lead to high quality code for addressing highly complex business and technology needs, thus giving business a competitive advantage.
    Code and project progress need technical leadership provided to coworkers.
    Develop a descriptive technical visual plan for programs to be used in the development process. 

    ANGULAR DEVELOPER, Company, Date
    Solve most complex software issues root causes develop practical efficient permanent technical solutions.
    Adapt existing systems; change them for business or technological purposes.
    Provide system analysis and help plan system dispositioning operations for highly complex projects.
    Advise Software Engineers on skill/knowledge development through mentoring/coaching/training opportunities
    Assist in defining the test strategy as well as develop test cases while maintaining the production environment.
    Follow architectural guidelines / standards / delivery discipline processes influencing architectural planning; document computer systems.
    information updates or enhancements and create/update procedures
    Have interactive experience and be seen as a technical expert as well as communicate effectively with business partners and other staff that can provide advice or technical support.

    Keep up with new technologies and vendor packages; appraise them when necessary, take into account the necessary recommendations and introduce relevant technology in terms of business objectives for creative solutions implementation.
    Decide on best practices, process improvements or else construct new processes where applicable.
    Enact positive transformations while offering leadership.
    Experience with Angular 1 or 2. (Also open to React.JS experience as substitute)

    UNIVERSITY NAME, DATE, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    Presentation skills, problem solving skills and learning attitude
    Excellent analytical and problem – solving skills for even complex problems
    Technical skills, Angular.js, RxJS, NgRx,  TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, RESTful, APIs, Version Control (Git), Unit Testing, End-To-End Testing, strong Understanding of Spring and experience with spring boot, Strong Spring MVC experience


    Follow our resume points to craft the best resume that show your skills and grants you the new position you dream of.

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