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What To Write In Work Experience In Resume For Freshers

Discover how to add Work Experience in Resume For Freshers, kick-start your working journey with a compelling resume with ease and seamless.

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    While your resume is your ambassador in front of the hiring managers, the work experience section is your ambassador’s muscles which give physical evidence of your strength to take on the job.

    It’s very important to highlight your work experience in resume for freshers and experienced also.

    According to statistics, there are 90 % of recruiters believe that work experience is the most important factor in the process of making a hiring decision.

    A big number, isn’t that?

    So, how to write a standout work experience section and pick your dream job? Here we are.

    In this article, you will learn how to write a compelling work experience section in the best format provided with examples to inspire you.

    Let’s get started!

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    The work experience section is where you can showcase your qualifications and expertise in order to provide the hiring managers with enough information that will help them consider you as the best fit for the job.

    Use this part to sell yourself as a winning deal for the company and make the most of every word to highlight your skills and stand out from the competition.

    Remember your CV has only 6 minutes to be reviewed by the recruiter.

    Just 6 minutes between going forward to the interview stage and “Sorry, you’ve got rejected”.

    So let’s make those minutes count.

    Structure the work experience section:

    Structuring your CV makes it easy to navigate and improves readability. Imagine reading a block of text without spaces or good organization will you continue reading? Absolutely not.

    That will be the reaction of the recruiter also.

    Use the standard structure for the work experience :

    • Start with the job title or position.
    • Followed by the company name.
    • Then the working period.
    • Mention your responsibilities and achievements during the work period.

    you can use this structure to express your work experience in resume for freshers and experienced too.

    Here are the best practices you should follow in writing every word in this section:

    Write your accurate previous job title or position you filled in bold format and appropriate font. It’s preferred to write it as the job title in the job advertisement.

    Follow your job title with the company’s name where you were working and the location of the company.

    When the company is small or unknown company consider writing a short description about the company and its activities.

    mention the starting date of the job and the ending date in the standard format mm/yyyy like 03/2023 – 01-2024.

    If you still working, write the word (present) instead of the ending date.

    Sometimes you don’t remember when you started the work or when you ended especially when you are writing a very old job.

    In case you don’t remember the exact dates simply write the approximate period.

    Accomplishments are the essential part of your work experience section you should give it the most attention.

    It gives the recruiters an imagination about what you can add to their company and how you are active and have a big value.

    Write this part actively and shine among other potential candidates with compelling achievements.

    Best practices to do that:

    Recruiters have a good knowledge of your position responsibilities; they want to ensure you can do the job effectively through scanning your previous achievements.

    So, don’t only write what you did, include showing how well you did and your perfect attitude.

    Add at most 6 bullet points and fewer bullet points for older jobs or the less relevant ones.

    Make the bullet points short and keep the length no more than two lines.

    Make your achievements measurable by using numbers as you can like percentages of increasing and the number of people you have trained.

    Even if your work doesn’t depend on numbers or money like teachers and housekeeping work, you can use numbers and here are some ideas:

    1-Think about the numbers other than the money like the number of people you trained, your team members you managed, or the number of teamwork you worked with. Just Scale your thinking and you will probably find a number in your field.

    For example:

    supervised a team of 20 content writers working on different projects.

    2- you can add a range when you aren’t sure about the exact number.

    For example:

    Solved the problems of the customers in the rush hours about 20-30 customer hourley.

    Describe your achievements professionally with powerful action words like achieved, conducted, created, optimized, etc.

    Action words show what you did at the job they will add a magic touch to your achievements part.

    Use the right tenses to make the reader easily understand if this is your old job or the current one.

    Responsible for creating content.
    Created content that increased the page sales amount by 20%.
    Edited and optimized content for SEO which improved the website traffic by 30%.

    In the first example, it’s obvious that it’s a general responsibility that anyone can do, but in the second example, it’s a unique candidate who can achieve and bring results.

    The second example uses action words and also shows a measurable achievement that’s making a big difference in the recruiter’s decision.

    In case you can’t do that according to your job nature don’t hesitate to add your responsibilities and accomplishments.

    also, when you are fresh with short periods of working without achievements add your work experience in resume for freshers with writing your daily tasks and responsibilities.

    Your resume is your mirror, do your best to make a perfect impression with your resume layout and format.

    Formatting and arranging your resume is essential especially when you have a lot of experience.

    There are different formats you can choose from:

    The common format among recruiters and the most preferred by hiring managers which ensures an easy scan to your work experience section.

    Reverse chronological format is about formatting your work experience in reverse chronological order.

    Start with your most recent work to the last one showing the hiring managers your career progression.

    When you have periods without work or you are a career changer the functional format is your choice.

    The functional format focuses on presenting your qualifications and achievements based on your skills regardless of the dates of your employment.

    it can be a good resume format for freshers, to list work experience in resume for freshers without many experiences and long working periods.

    If you want to combine the advantages of chronological format and the functional format, the combination format will be your best choice.

    Choosing the right format for your CV is essential decision to format your resume so, make sure to choose it carefully.

    Add an extra professional touches to the section of work experience in resume for freshers:

    CAR is the shortening for the Challenge-Action-Result formula which you can use to structure your achievements.

    for every achievement think about the challenge you faced follow it with the action you did and the used skills to solve the challenge then highlight the results you achieved.

    for example:

    Reduced overspending on the ads budget by crafting a comprehensive professional campaigns to achieve 40% ads budget saving.

    consider using this formula in highlighting your big achievements to grab the recruiter’s attention.

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    In addition, the ATS system now is making things tough, it depends on keywords and artificial intelligence to review the applicants’ resumes, which makes the mission of getting a job more difficult.

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    Advertising agent
    NYC advertising agency, NYC
    02-2023 – 01-2024
    Handled the client’s budget which increased their csales about 20% monthly.
    Collaborated with 10 team members to develop the monthly plans.
    English teacher
    Paradise School, Manhattan
    01-2022 – 03-2023
    Taught English daily to about 20 students.
    Increased the number of students who get the full mark by 10 %
    Social media moderator
    Nyzac Smart Solutions, Chicago
    03-2020 – 04-2023
    Replied the customer’s messages and comments.
    Followed up with the customers.
    Solved customer’s problem with the rate of 90% customer satisfaction.

    When it comes to writing the work experience in resume for freshers with no experience it’s not an easy mission.

    But, no experience doesn’t mean no skills; So, how to add work experience in resume for freshers?

    For this mission you can show your related skills and qualifications from your previous work.

    work experience for freshers in resume can be supported by the other resume sections, so you should focus on the other CV sections; they are your shoulders now. Here is how to do it:

    consider writing a compelling resume objective before adding work experience in resume for freshers.

    Your resume objective is the first part where the recruiter’s eyes land, make it appealing and catchy to ensure a strong intro to your CV.

    Positively show your skills and what you can add to the company followed by your career goals and what you aim to do by joining the company.

    When recruiters don’t find a big amount of work experience in resume for freshers they move to the education section.

    As a fresher with no experience, the education section is your strongest section in the CV.

    Show your basic knowledge and your educational background including your college or school name, degree, graduation date, or the expected one.

    Include any other related coursework or achievements to make the best impact.

    Make the education part closer to the top of your resume to ensure it appears with the first elements.

    Work experience in resume for freshers can be greatly supported by the skills section to prove your quality.

    Make sure to put your related skills on your resume:

    • Read the job description carefully and write down the skills need.
    • Think about yourself, volunteering, projects, and your previous work experience.
    • Match your skills to the job description.
    • Make a combination of your hard skills and soft skills.
    • List your related skills clearly in bullet points list.

    And now your skills section is ready.

    Add more personalization to your CV with additional sections like your hobbies, volunteering work, achievements, and awards

    The extra sections will make you a unique CV with added value to the hiring managers.

    In addition, the other sections can be a great option to fill your CV especially, when you are a fresh graduate without a working history to add in the section of work experience in resume for freshers.

    writing your Work experience in resume for freshers can be challenging but you now have a good knowledge to craft not just a work experience section but a beating work section for both ATS and humans.

    Mention the related skills and achievements: keep your resume at the point by focusing on your winning and related achievements to the job.

    Consider having a resume for every job: update your CV with every job application and make sure to tailor it to the job description.

    support your CV: strengthen your work experience in resume for freshers by highlighting your qualifications and skills in the other sections.

    Ask for review: after writing your resume ask a professional expert in your industry to review it or you can use the ATS-checker tool to ensure you have a professional CV.

    have good luck in your professional journey!

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