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Top 10 steps for website developer resume

Creating A website developer resume Requires A Unique Approach That Highlights Your Specialized Skills And Experiences.

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    As anyone can tell you, web developers are very much in high demand. The most qualified developers will not have too many problems. However –Securing a role at a top firm is no piece of cake. You see, hundreds of other skilled developers are also applying for the same position. In such a competition one needs to have a working website developer resume.

    In this article from Resume Forrest we will provide you the best format for a web developer resume website and how to write it in addition to examples you can follow.

    What is the best format for a website developer resume?

    If your developer skills are greater than your work experience, Functional Resume format is recommended. It’s suitable for fresh graduates who do not have much experience or may have gaps in their career history.

    Use Reverse-Chronological format if you are an experienced website developer, this format focuses mainly on your experience and your work history.

    You may also use the Combination Resume format that combines “Functional” and “Reverse-Chronological” as suggested by its name. So it emphasizes skills and work experience which makes it great for developers having some sort of employment record.

    So after getting your format right, you need to organize how things should be arranged on your web developer cv website:

    • Margins – One-inch borders all round
    • Font – Choose an unusual but professional font
    • Font Size – Use normal text size 11-12pt; headers – 14-16pt
    • Line Spacing – Use line spacing of 1.0 or 1.15
    • Resume Length – Keep your resume to only one page since that is adequate. For instance, check out our one-page resume templates if you want to get help with formatting your document properly.

    That helps you to build a well crafted website web developer cv that can pass the ATS check.

    How to Craft Your Website Developer Resume?

    Your resume should be crafted well by adding the certain sections that show that you are a good candidate for the position of a website developer, write a resume for the rest of a website developer following these steps:

    1- Add personal information in your website web programmer cv

    You need to correctly add your contact information, this section must contain:

    • Full Name
    • Professional Title
    • Phone Number – Recheck for any mistakes
    • Email Address – Use professional email address 
    • (Optional) Location 

    This information will help the employer to contact you if you were listed as a potential candidate.

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    2- Start with an objectives in your website web developer cv

    Resume objectives are there to keep the employer wanting to read through your resume. That’s why you need to detail your knowledge and the number of years in the field with a hint of your ability to communicate.

    Basically, this section shows why you would be a good fit for employment. So be keen to write an eye-catching resume objective so you could receive an invitation for an interview from the recruiter.

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    3- Write an Experience section in your resume website developer

    There is nothing that can compare to having a candidate who has relevant work experience. Therefore, you must ensure that you perfect this section by showing your responsibilities & achievements in your previous roles

    You can do that by giving examples from your professional background as bullet points. But if you are a graduate with no experience and looking for your first job, create a portfolio that shows your skills.

    How to build a web developer resume with no experience

    4- Highlight education in your website developer resume

    Once the experience section is perfect, it’s time to discuss all the educational background one has so far. keep this section clean and avoid over-elaborating it.

    Use this format for writing your academic background:

    • Degree Type & Major
    • University Name
    • Years Studied
    • GPA, Honors, Courses

    5- Showcase website web developer cv skills

    Most applications will have skills sections that consist of very long lists of programming languages. While this shows your skills, the hiring manager has seen this many times.

    You should do two things to impress the hiring manager, that means you should Include the right keywords that will enable you to pass through (ATS) and List a mix of hard skills and soft skills that are targeted at the job description and that align with website developer description resume.

    Here are some most common in website web development resumes:

    • Languages relevant to Web Developer such as (Javascript, MySQL, JQuery, CSS, C++, PHP, Java, HTML 5)
    • Hard Skills such as (Programming wireframes Git DNS Management Debugging)

    How to build Top skills in resume for web developer

    6- Add a Projects section in your website developer resume

    One of the best ways to highlight how much passion has been instilled in you by this profession is by showing off some personal work and projects.

    All employers will be very impressed if they see a website that was built using coding knowledge.

    7- Add Awards in your resume for a web developer

    Have any awards been given to you for building websites? This is where any outstanding accomplishments should go on your website developer resume.

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    8- Add your Certifications in your website developer resume

    How many courses have you taken that are aimed at enhancing your developing ability? This is the section where you can show your certification.


    • Web Applications development
    • Full-Stack Web Development
    • Critical Thinking course

    9- Use Action Words

    These words helps you to pass the ATS check, here are some common words that you can use:

    • Built
    • Created
    • Ran
    • Derived
    • Imagined
    • Defined
    • Introduced
    • Generated
    • Detected
    • Concocted

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    10- Add a Cover Letter

    Some recruiters don’t need cover letters while others do, and since you want the best chance at getting hired, we suggest writing one.

    Cover letters also help draw attention to your resume as well as show that you have specifically chosen the company as opposed to applying en masse.

    Though covering the basics should be enough to get your application set aside for others, these sections might determine whether you get the job or not. 

    Website developer resume example

    If you are looking for website web developer resume samples, this is one of the best developer resume you can use:

    Web Developer with 6+ years of experience in designing and developing user interfaces, testing, debugging, and training staff within eCommerce technologies. 
    Web Developer (September 20XX – Present), Company Name, Date
    Minimizing hacker attacks on the revamped web application security applications from 2.3% to 0.02%.
    The company’s website has also been redeveloped so as to ensure ease of use for customers; this is seen in a simplified check-out page that increased user clicks and hence customer purchases by 25%.
    Trained at least fifty people who work inside the company how to update a webpage or make minor changes after carrying out several internal web functions.
    Web Developer (June 20XX – August 20XX),  Company Name, Date
    Created a website which was dynamic and interactive to ensure high web traffic, page views and User Experience that resulted in a 44% sales increase.
    Supervised all aspects of software development for nine projects with on time delivery of 100% while being within budget by only 5%.
    Developed server which increased document generation time by 20%, search and retrieval, earning an award from upper management.
    Made processes leading to cleanup and performance enhancement hence reducing downtime by 13%.
    B.S. in Development of Web Systems, University Name, 20XX
    Java Certified Programmer
    PERIL / PHP / Access
    Oracle DBMS / .NET / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
    Visual Basic Dot NET Programming Language

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