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6 Steps Web Designer Resume Guide With Tips

follow our step by step guide to craft a winner Web Designer Resume that can pass the ATS check and land your dream job.

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    Ready to create a winner’s Web Designer resume? you can make use of our step by step guide and our example on a Professional Web Designer’s resume.  

    This article from Resume Forrest will provide you with the steps needed in addition to the free resume example that can be easily adjusted to suit your peculiar qualifications and style or use our Resume Crafter 2024.

    Formatting a Web Designer Resume

    To put Your Web Designer Resume in Context, you need to follow some steps: 

    • Make sure to create a one page document.
    • Keep your Web Designer Resume simple using bullets and brief sentences
    • Make the resume margins with 0.5 inches.
    • Use formal fonts with 10, 11, or 12 points and 14 for the headings.
    • Use bold for headings.
    • Use reverse chronological format.
    • Save your Web Designer Cv as PDF.

    These points will help you to craft an ATS friendly Web Designer Resume.

    How to write a Web Designer Resume?

    Writing a compelling resume is the first step that helps you go ahead of your competitors. To craft the perfect Web Designer Resume you need to include some elements and sections:

    1- Your Contact Information

    One huge mistake most Web Designers make on resumes is that they include full name and surname, current telephone number, and a professional email address, but most people forget to incorporate a portfolio site on a web designer resume.

    The best thing you can have when looking for jobs is your portfolio site. It can almost serve as an awesome business card for your resume.

    With it, you are able to display all the great stuff you have done so that managers have a real feel of who you are.

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    2- Job Title and Summary/objective

    Put your title at the top of the Web Designer Cv, then think about using a summary or objective, which depends on your experience.

    Use a summary if you have a lot of experience in web designing, and use an objective if you are a junior candidate in web design, or switching careers.

    This section also can be used as a paragraph known for About Web Designer Resumes, where you can provide brief details about your achievements and goals.

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    3- Employment History/Professional Experience

    First, if you have been around for a long time as senior or you are a junior and worked for some years, then your web designer description resume in experience section should be written in this way:

    • put your most recent job on top.
    • Add 3-5 bullet points with measurable accomplishments.

    Either way, this will help you show the Web designer responsibilities and achievements, but if you are an entry level then your Web designer description resume for freshers should show the projects you worked on also your experience as intern.

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    4- Education & Professional Development

    As far as website designers are concerned, education does not matter like real-life practice does. However, you must list it accurately. 

    For instance, Web designer description resume for the education section could be used as a selling point for strengths.

    Begin with:

    • Name of school and its location
    • Time spent studying there
    • Degree

    5- Areas of Expertise (Skills and Competencies)

    Everything is about skills. If you can show these to the hiring manager, then you would have clinched the job. Do the following to craft the skill section in your Web Designer Resume:

    • Firstly, read the job description. What are the most important words or phrases mentioned in that description? Make sure these are covered on your Web designer description resume skills.
    • Then, make your bullet points to reflect your skills.
    • Do not fail to mention both soft and hard skills.

    Here some Web designer description resume examples that can be written in the skill section resume:

    • Creative Thinking
    • Visual Design
    • Communication
    • UX
    • Collaboration
    • UI
    • HTML, CSS 
    • Detail-Oriented 
    • Adobe Creative Suite 
    • Meeting Deadlines 
    • Javascript, Ajax  
    • Mobile Design 
    • Project Management

    6- Cover letter

    Do you really need a cover letter with your web designer resume? Definitely. You also need to make it personal by addressing the hiring manager with his name and then speaking to his needs (as specified in the job description).

    Following this 6 step guide will help you in crafting an amazing Web Designer Resume, you also can check it after finishing using our Free AI Resume Optimizer.

    Web designer resume examples

    Looking for Web designer description resume template you can use, here some examples:

    Entry level Web designer resume

    Email Address: @.com
    Linledin: linkedin.com/in/
    Website: @name

    Passionate and highly enthusiastic designer with my utmost priority being to create visually appealing websites that are user-friendly. Good at making web pages adaptable, developing sample layouts, and enhancing website speed performance for increased traffic flow as well as conversion rates. A team player and detail-oriented person who keeps abreast of latest developments in web technology and design trends.


    Entry Level Web Designer, company, date
    Designed a responsive site for a client which has led to 27% more page views and an increase by 18% in the conversion rate.
    Worked together with developers and designers creating wireframes for a new web app leading to seamless user experience with great reception from users.

    Web Content Coordinator, company, date 

    Oversaw and was accountable for the content of an important website client, responsible for making sure that the information found there was both current and accurate, contributing to a 12% increase in webpage visits.
    Carried out compatibility tests on websites across different platforms to detect problems and give a uniform experience among users thereby increasing website accessibility.
    Linked websites with databases at the back end as well as applications, thus streamlining data management practices and improving overall site performance.

    Web Developer Intern

    They stayed in touch with all emerging web technologies so that they could apply responsive design methodologies as well as make use of modern design elements in their projects.
    Performed alongside other web developers and designers during discussions aimed at 
    Managed all security aspects of my company’s website including making sure that there is no data breach or user’s sensitive information once it has been breached.

    Media Query

    Degree, University, date, location
    Web Design, Institute, location

    Professional Web Designer Resume Example

    Email Address: @.com
    Linledin: linkedin.com/in/
    Website: @name


    An ambitious and experienced web designer devoted to producing visually striking and persuasive websites.

    Work experience 

    Web Designer, company, date
    Checked for errors and debugged websites that lead to increase by 20 % in page performance.
    Ensured website responsiveness by improving page views by 30% and increasing conversion rate by 20 %.
    Optimised web page graphics through various enhancements hence reducing page load time by 22% while ensuring better overall site speed.
    Interacted with clients regarding the project.
    Converted PSD to HTML.
    Converted PSD to Bootstrap.

    Web Designer, company, date

    Designed personalized websites for clients of all levels: fresher, middle level or senior people.
    Modified and made changes to websites based on client requirements.
    Conducted error checks and de-bugged websites.
    Engaged in client interactions to discuss project details.
    Maintained Excel sheet and updated data regularly
    Created demo pages (2-3) which were approved by the clients
    Developed live websites according the designs approved by the clients
    Ensured website responsiveness for an optimal user experience.

    Web Designer, company, date

    Conducted a thorough error check and debugging on the websites
    Talked to clients about the projects and how they were going.
    more responsive website, by using a responsive design approach in its implementation.
    HTML code was translated from PSD designs.
    PSD designs were changed into the Bootstrap framework.


    HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages
    Responsive Web Design Techniques
    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
    SEO principles
    Media Query
    Web Accessibility Standards
    testing and troubleshooting skills
    Back-end integration experience
    security protocols for websites
    Problems solving
    prototyping and wireframing
    UX design.
    Analysing web page performance metrics
    AEM Front-End Development Skills
    GIT Version Control System
    communication skills
    time-management skills 
    Problem Solving 

    Degree, University, date, location
    Web Design, Institute, location

    Tips for Web designer resume

    Now you know how to write a website designer’s resume that will make you superpass other candidates. Do not forget the following major tips to enhance your chances of getting more job interviews:

    1. Start with a summary of your best achievements because it gives an indication that the resume needs to be studied in detail by a busy employer.
    2. Go through the job description thoroughly. Make sure your bullet points resemble Metro design for Windows 10.
    3. Insert other sections where you can manifest credibility as a web designer. These may include certifications, conferences and professional associations.
    4. Though we need to make creative web designer CVs, let us not overdo it. Show how innovative you are in your design portfolio.

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