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The 5 Best Resume Formats In 2024 [Top Templates]

the best resume formats 2024 ,Gain a competitive advantage with our guide on and Discover top templates and tips to make your CV shine.

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    Welcome to our informative guide , where we will present you The 5 Best Resume Formats In 2024 (top templates), including new, modern, and different resume formats.
    When hiring managers review your resume, their initial focus is on its appearance rather than its content. If they encounter a disorganized and cluttered document, it’s unlikely to leave a positive first impression. This raises the question: : what are the best resume formats, and which one should YOU use? , and which one is suitable for you? , to make a great first impression and landing your dream job This article is dedicated to answering just that! Here, we’ll delve into

    Thus, whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting your career, stay ahead of the job market game with these modern and professional resume formats and templates.

    Guidelines for Resume Formats In 2024

    If you’re starting the resume formatting process from scratch, your initial focus should be on the layout. This includes defining margins, selecting an appropriate font size, and determining the ideal resume length.

    To create a polished and professional resume, adhere to these general formatting principles:

    1. Keep your resume concise; avoid exceeding one page, unless you have over 5 years of relevant work experience.
    2. Choose an attention-grabbing yet professional font, such as Ubuntu, Roboto, or Overpass.
    3. Opt for an 11 or 12-point font size and maintain consistency throughout your resume.
    4. Use single or 1.15 line spacing.
    5. Employ standard and easily legible resume section headings; for example, use “Work Experience” rather than alternative terms like “work history.”
    6. Utilize bullet points to present information, making your resume more reader-friendly, especially when listing work achievements, academic details, and more.
    7. Maintain uniformity in your resume’s formatting, including date formats, to create a consistent look.
    8. Ensure appropriate line spacing to prevent your resume from appearing overcrowded.
    9. Save your resume as a PDF file for the most reliable results, preserving the layout regardless of the device used to open it. Only use MS Word if a specific job application requires it, and never submit your resume as a JPEG or PNG.”

    Examples of Well-Structured Resumes You Can Use

    While resume formatting may not be overly complicated, it undeniably demands time and dedication to create a tidy, refined document that meets your preferences. Why not allow Resume Forrest to assist you on this journey? With our resume builder, you can leave the worries of formatting your job application behind. Simply input your content, and our software will consistently ensure your resume maintains a professional format.

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    1. Master Your Career Journey | Unlock Success With The Best Resume Format – Chronological Resumes

    When finding the best resume formats available, the chronological resume format is a traditional and simple way to present your work experience in reverse-chronological order. This best resume format is the most commonly used approach, presenting your most recent job position first and going back through your work history in reverse-chronological order.

    Advantages Of Chronological Resume Format

    One of the primary advantages of the chronological best resume formats is that it is a straightforward and easy-to-read layout familiar to many recruiters and hiring managers. Because it is such a standard format, it is usually considered ideal for those with consistent work histories and those seeking traditional jobs in well-established industries. 

    Additionally, this best resume format emphasizes your career trajectory and highlights your growth and accomplishments in a well-organized and easy-to-follow manner.

    Disadvantages Of Chronological Resume Format

    There are better options than the chronological best resume format for job seekers with gaps in their work history or who have worked in various industries. This best resume format can highlight any employment gaps, making it more challenging to land an interview. It can also be challenging to highlight specific skills or accomplishments that may be relevant to the job you are applying for since work history is the primary focus of this format.

    Top Templates For Chronological Resume Format

    Here are some top templates for the chronological best resume format that can help make your job application more professional and polished:

    • Classic Blue

    This template is considered one of the best resume formats available. It highlights your work history and skills while utilizing a traditional, conservative look with a hint of personality. Its clean and straightforward design makes it easy for hiring managers to scan and quickly find the necessary information. The best resume format is crucial in making a strong impression and increasing your chances of landing an interview.

    • Diamond

    Using a comprehensive and clean layout, this best resume format visually presents your work experience and measurable achievements. It is an excellent choice for those who want to put their accomplishments and experience front and center.

    • Modern

    This best resume format is an excellent choice for those looking for a more contemporary or creative look for their resume. It simply and stylishly presents your work history and skills, emphasizing your achievements and personal brand.

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    1. Unlock Your Potential – Master The Functional Resume Format For Success!

    The functional best resume format emphasizes skills, accomplishments, and qualifications instead of work experience. It’s typically used by job seekers with employment gaps or seeking a career change. The goal is to showcase the job seeker’s abilities to excel, even without the same work experience as others.

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    Advantages Of Using Functional Resume Format

    • Draws the employer’s attention to your skills and qualifications.
    • Highlights a candidate’s accomplishments, skills, and achievements rather than work history, which is particularly useful for career changers or people who have had gaps in their employment.
    • Allows candidates to tailor their resume to the job they are applying for.

    Disadvantages Of Using Functional Resume Format

    • It doesn’t show a chronological job history, which may cause some employers to wonder if the candidate is hiding something.
    • Some companies, especially the larger ones, use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for keywords. A functional format may not be as appropriate for such companies since it may not include the necessary keywords.
    • It can be challenging to write a functional resume if you don’t have a strong grasp of your skills and achievements.

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    Top templates For This format

    If you decide to use a functional best resume format, here are some of the best resume formats/templates you can use:

    • The Muse Resume Template -This template is perfect for job seekers who want to highlight their skills creatively and are looking for the best resume format.
    • Functional Resume Template – This template can help job seekers who are just starting or have gaps in their employment history find the best resume format. It provides a clear, organized layout that effectively highlights their skills and qualifications. With the best resume format, candidates can present their information in a way that grabs the attention of employers and increases their chances of landing an interview.
    • Basic Functional Resume Template – This template is perfect for job seekers who want a minimalistic approach to their resumes. Choosing the right format is crucial when creating a professional and effective resume. If you’re looking for the best resume format, consider using a minimalistic template emphasizing simplicity and clarity.
    new best resume formats
    1. Unleash The Power Of Hybrid Success – Master The Combination Resume Format For Maximum Impact!

    The combination format is one of the most versatile options regarding the best resume formats. And also called the hybrid or chrono-functional format, it combines elements from the chronological resume and functional best resume formats.

    The combination best resume format focuses on both skills and experience, showcasing them in the same section. It starts with a skills summary or qualifications section highlighting your expertise and then follows with your work history, organized in reverse-chronological order. This best resume format allows you to emphasize your relevant skills and achievements while presenting your work history clearly and organized.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Combination Resume Format

    Advantages of a combination format, considered one of the best resume formats, include its flexibility in highlighting skills and experience, making it ideal for job seekers with long gaps in their work history, wanting to change careers or have diverse skill sets. It’s also great for those who want to emphasize relevant accomplishments and skills to help them stand out in their desired field.

    On the other hand, the main disadvantage of this format is that it can be longer than a traditional chronological resume, which may only be suitable for some applications. When it comes to choosing the best resume formats, it ultimately depends on your specific circumstances and the industry you’re applying to. However, one widely recommended format is the combination of the best resume formats.

    Top Templates For The Combination Best Resume Format Include

    • The Muse’s Resume Template: This template features a strong skills section and ample work experience and education space, making it ideal for showcasing your qualifications in the best resume formats.
    • Hloom’s Combination Resume: This template has a clear and concise layout, considered one of the best resume formats. It effectively highlights your skills, qualifications, contact details, work experience, education, and achievements. This best resume formats can create a professional, visually appealing document that enhances your interview chances.
    • Canvas Combination Resume Template: This template’s clean design and customizable options make it one of the best resume formats. It has a professional layout that effectively showcases your skills and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, this best resume formats ensures a visually appealing and easy-to-read resume. Its attention to detail and modern styling will impress employers and help you stand out.

    Ultimately, the best resume formats for you depends on your individual career goals and the job you’re applying for. A professional resume builder like resume forrest can help you create a standout, customized resume tailored to your unique experiences and skills. Whether you’re interested in the combination format or one of the many other types of resume formats available, a professional resume created with the right resume sample formats and best resume formats can help you land your dream job.

    1. Infographic Resume –  A Modern Twist On Traditional Resume Format
    best resume formats

    An infographic best resume formats is a creative way to stand out in a crowded job market. It combines traditional resume details with visual elements like charts, graphs, icons, and images. Incorporating different layouts and styles that suit your skills and experiences, it adds an extra layer of creativity and uniqueness to your job application. Including resume sample formats helps showcase this.

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    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Infographic Resume


    • Attract attention: Infographic resumes are visually appealing and attract potential employers faster than traditional resumes.
    • Stand out from the crowd: Using an infographic best resume formats will help you stand out from the competition and show off your creativity and design skills.
    • Easy to skim: Infographic resumes use graphics, charts, and images to make information easier.


    • May not be ATS-friendly: Some Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) may not be able to read graphic-heavy resumes properly, resulting in them being filtered out.
    • Potential lack of professionalism: Infographic resumes may only be suitable for some industries or positions and might come across as informal to some employers.
    • Time-consuming: Creating an infographic resume can take significant time, especially if you need prior design experience.
    resume samples formats
    1. Mini ResumeA Short And Sweet Professional Summary

    A mini or pocket resume is a shorter version of your traditional resume and is considered one of the best resume formats. It is designed to provide a quick and concise summary of your skills, experience, education, and qualifications. The mini resume usually contains your contact information, professional summary, key skills, and relevant achievements. It is perfect for networking events, job fairs, and other situations where you want to make a quick first impression.

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using This Format

    The mini-resume has advantages and disadvantages. Some benefits of using a mini resume include the following:

    • It is a concise and targeted summary of your skills and experience.
    • It can be customized for different job applications or networking situations.
    • It can be easily distributed in person or online.
    • It can help you stand out from other job seekers.

    However, there are also some drawbacks:

    • It may only be suitable for some job applications or industries.
    • It may provide more detail for employers looking for a more comprehensive view of your background.
    • Customizing and updating your mini-resume may take more effort than your traditional resume.
    best resume formats

    Top Templates For This Format

    Here are some of the top templates for mini resumes:

    • Infographic Mini Resume –This template showcases the best resume formats that highlights your skills and experience using graphics and charts. It is perfect for creative marketing, design, and advertising industries.
    • Career Change Mini Resume – This template is designed for job seekers changing careers or industries and offers the best resume formats. It focuses on transferable skills and relevant achievements.
    • Executive Mini Resume – This template is considered the best resume formats for senior-level professionals who want to highlight their leadership and management skills. It includes a summary of your career highlights and accomplishments, making it easier for employers to assess your qualifications quickly.
    • Student Mini Resume – This template is perfect for college students applying for internships or entry-level positions. It showcases your education, skills, and relevant extracurricular activities.
    best resume format

    How To Choose The Best Resume Formats For You

    When it comes to job applications, your best resume formats are your marketing tool. Making a good impression by showing your skills and experiences in a professional and easy-to-read format is important. But with so many different best resume formats, choosing the  one for your career can be overwhelming. In this guideline, we’ll discuss the different types of resume formats and how to choose the best one for you.

    • Consider Your Career Goals And Skills

    When choosing the best resume formats, your career goals and skills should be the main factors to consider. A reverse-chronological format is a good choice if you have a traditional career path with steady work history. However, a functional or combination format may be more suitable if you’re changing careers or have gaps in your work history. If you’re applying for a specific job or industry, a targeted best resume formats will showcase your most relevant skills and experiences.

    • Look At Different Resume Samples Formats

    Looking at resume sample formats is helpful to get an idea of different resume formats. It will give you an idea of the best resume formats that fits your career goals. You can also use a resume builder to create a custom resume in the format of your choice.

    • Consider The Industry And Company Culture

    Different industries and companies have different expectations regarding the best resume formats. Some industries, such as finance and law, have more traditional and conservative expectations, while others, such as creative and tech, are more open to creative and modern formats. Before choosing a format, research the industry and company culture to ensure your resume meets their expectations.

    • Choose The Best Resume Format And Stick To It

    Once you’ve chosen the best resume formats, stick to it throughout your job search. Consistency is key when it comes to professionally presenting yourself. Also, ensure your resume is easily read and visually appealing, with a one-inch margin and legible font. If you need clarification on the visual appeal of your resume, ask a friend or recruiter for feedback.

    Wrapping Up

    No matter your experience or education level, you want to ensure you have the best resume formats in 2024. Choosing the right one can give employers the best first impression and help you stand out. This guide gives you a clear idea of The 5 Best Resume Formats To Use In 2024 (Top Templates) – which cover various styles and options that could benefit any job seeker. 

    Each format offers something unique, so take your time to review them and consider which best suits your skill set or industry. No matter what type of resume you use, make sure it is tailored and comprehensive—this will ensure employers see you as a serious candidate!

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