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Top technical skills for software engineer resume with secret tips

Writing technical skills for software engineer resume is crucial for those who are aiming to advance their career path, especially those with experience in the industry.

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    Most candidates who are applying for the software engineer position need to highlight technical skills for software engineer resume, as the resume is a great place to showcase both hard and soft skills.

    Indeed, curriculum vitae for software engineer that doesn’t mention skills will likely get lost amidst ATS Resume Checker that scans for specific phrases and resume keywords. That is why Resume Forrest will provide you with the technical skills for software engineer resume you need to include in yours.

    Top technical skills for software engineer resume

    Software engineers, whether junior, mid-level, or senior, can make themselves unique if they list some of the most in-demand hard and soft software engineer resume skills. That’s why you need to include these technical skills for software engineer resume:

    1- Programming languages

    Software engineers mostly need to be good at programming languages; they are called so because software applications typically perform their functions through interconnecting various software elements such as components, services, objects and modules. 

    These software elements communicate with each other via a given programming language, which helps them run an application. You should consider learning more than one coding language; examples of technical skills languages include JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML and CSS since there are different types of programming languages.

    Some of the most needed languages that can enhance your software engineer technical skills resume are the following:


    It is one of the most wanted programming languages in software engineer cv, it is considered an essential skill in software engineer technical skills resume.

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    Mid-level and senior software engineers need to possess expertise in back-end development. If you are an engineer who wants to stand out from the crowd, then you have to have a full repertoire of front-end and back-end development competences.

    2- IT Automation 

    One of the most required software engineer technical skills is IT automation. These are the skills related to making a computerized system used for processing information automatic or self-regulating.

    If you are writing an entry level or an experienced software engineer resume, then IT automation must be part of your resume.

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    3- Object-oriented programming (OOP)

    It is quite popular in software engineering when it comes to large applications with many functionalities and methods. If you’re part of an engineering team that’s putting together a complex application, you may be expected to have object-oriented programming skills by the hiring manager. 

    OOP should be included in the resume skills section software engineer, because it shows that you can make changes and improvements to classes without necessarily altering individual codes or other classes. 

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    4- Cloud & cloud security

    There is a significantly raised demand for cloud and cloud security skills as a technical skill in software engineer cv template.

    The need of Cloud and cloud security are expected to expand in future years to satisfy the increased agility needed by organizations with a development model that span data centers and multi-cloud environments.

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    5- Testing and debugging

    Software testing and debugging is one of the technical skills for software engineer resume as it usually goes hand in hand in making sure that software applications work as expected. 

    6- Centralized Control

    While working on any software engineering project many codes may be modified. It is typically about approaches for source control that can be very important during testing and debugging processes like this one. 

    Typically, you will use a source control management (SCM) system to keep track of and organize changes in code history. Sometimes there are conflicts between codes if you are integrating applications or merging software components together. Your technical skills controlling the sources will be the key to solve the problem..

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    7- Understanding Database

    This is a skill required for software engineer, because Most of the software applications, whether cloud-based or on-premise, are driven by a database. There are a variety of databases such as cloud database, end-user database, server query language (SQL) database and relational database.

    Therefore, hiring managers often require at least knowledge in one kind of database from a software engineer and consider it one of the important resume software engineer skills.

    Soft skills for software engineer

    Technical skill for software engineer is important, but soft skills such as leadership and time management are also in much demand. To a recruiter, soft skills might be even more important than technical skills. These types of skills for software engineer resume become even more valuable as you advance in your career.

    Recruiters will be looking for software engineers who possess these five soft skills.

    1- Communication skills

    The ability to interface effectively with non-technical colleagues, ask for help when needed and delegate tasks in a way that makes team members feel valuable and connected to the work they do. Good intercultural communication becomes even more important especially while working remotely.

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    2- Time management

    To meet deadlines, software managers should be able to control the teams they supervise. Having a team for software development made up of members located in various time zones is increasingly common nowadays. Therefore, there is an impetus on senior engineers and leaders to juggle several moving parts that remain crucial for keeping projects on the track.

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    3- Problem-solving skills

    In addition to technical skills for software engineer resume, Problem-solving skills are needed. On any development team or software project, there will always be problems to solve. For software engineers themselves this skill set is very useful in day-to-day jobs as well as over their careers generally.

    Using your software engineer CV template explains how you have come up with solutions to challenging client requests independently and creatively or managed to overcome barriers that would have posed a serious threat of failure for your project.

    4- Adaptability and Flexibility

    This is one of the soft skills that are synonymous with problem solving as well as analytical skills. This can be shown on your software engineer resume template word by demonstrating how you were able to adapt to changes in working conditions.

    5- Willingness to accept feedback

    Some other unquantifiable qualities include humbleness and patience; however, demonstrating that project feedback is welcome from all sides irrespective of how harsh such criticism can be is one way of showing you are easy going in terms of work relationship.

    How to List soft and technical skills for software engineer resume?

    There are some steps you need to follow when you are writing the soft and technical skills for software engineer resume, that include:

    • Add skills that suit the specific job advertisement.
    • Your skill section should be brief but strategic.
    • Use specific keywords and action verbs that an ATS may search for as it does its work.
    • Narrow down the skills you are listing to those which are absolutely necessary for your current level.

    It is important that your resume demonstrates how qualified you are for this position through showcasing all the relevant skills. Including a list of skill sets allows some hard and soft skills which are most highly sought after by senior software engineers in today’s job market.

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    6 Tips for writing a software engineer resume

    Resume Forrest experts will provide you with some tips to craft an amazing software engineer resume: 

    1- Create a skills section with bulleted points

    The format should be simple, clean and show off your capabilities. One key is to make sure it is easy to read and understand by using bullet points and short phrases. Properly segregate your resume into education, experience, and skills parts.

    2- Highlight skills and achievements in the work experience section

    Remember that while listing responsibilities, it’s important to highlight specific achievements when possible.

    3- Divide resume skills section by categories

    You’ll need to categorize your skills if you’re applying for a job that requires a diverse range of talents.

    4- Quantify your accomplishments.

    Whenever you can, use numbers to quantify achievements. This will help potential employers grasp your capabilities as well as how much impact you can have on their organization.

    5- Use  the job description to craft your resume

    Go through the description and stress more on relevant skills and experience. Identify the employer’s need for skills and then illustrate how you have used those skills in your previous positions. In this way, you may show that you are qualified for a post, making it possible to be called for an interview.

    6- Use action verbs

    Commence each bullet point with an action verb. Such words include “create,” “build,” “manage,” “lead,” or “implement.” The use of action verbs is captivating and assists in picturing what one accomplished at work.

    Action verbs help the reader find your resume enjoyable. They also depict an employer’s must do attitude.
    Following these steps will help you craft a strong junior or senior software engineer resume, but you can simply use our cv optimizer to get the best results.

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