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Senior UI Developer Resume Examples: Craft a Professional ATS Resume

Use our senior ui developer resume examples to craft your resume and follow our tips to craft a perfect resume that can pass ATS check.

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    Seniors ui developer jobs are one of the most required jobs, that lead to increased competition for it, but What may distinguish you and make you superior is a strong resume. That’s why Resume Forrest will provide you with the best senior ui developer resume examples. 

    If you are confused and don’t know how to tailor your resume to get the senior ui developer vacancy you desire, worry not we will provide you with the best tips to craft each section in your resume.

    This article is going to discuss these points:

    • How to format a UI developer resume?
    • Elements that should be included in a senior ui developer resume examples
    • senior ui developer resume examples
    • Tips to write a senior ui developer resume

    How to format a UI developer resume?

    Before you use any of the senior ui developer resume examples, you need to know your resume’s formatting, you can use these formatting best practices:

    • Your resume should be in standard format, so avoid elements within the text like emojis and non-standard date formats. Such things can obstruct an ATS from recognizing the text. Accordingly the text sections of 
    • Choose the right fonts that are ATS-friendly such as Serif and Sans-serif, Aria, and Times New Roman.
    • The header should be with bold letters that indicate your name as well as the targeted position.
    • Use section and subheading, Each part of the resume should be logically organized with proper, concise titles.
    • Arrange all items in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent and relevant ones.
    • Resumes are best presented in PDF format since it can keep the original layout intact irrespective of software usage as well as allow ATS to evaluate it properly.

    Follow the previous to improve analysis during ATS scanning and enhance your ui developer resume, you can use ats resume builder free to check your resume.

    Elements that should be included in a senior ui developer resume examples

    Before you use any of the senior ui developer resume examples, you must know what elements that should be included in your senior ui developer resume and how to tailor it.

    As a senior you should focus on some sections rather than others, such as your resume summary, Experience, and skills. Now let’s see how to craft each section:

    How to put a summary in senior ui developer resume examples?

    Summary is called a personal statement, which briefly presents your previous employment experiences and your talents in UI development.These provide the first opportunity to impress employers and set the tone for the rest of your resume.

    This section may be important for UI developers with different education backgrounds and work histories. Where there is no clear career path or direction, these parts allow you to specify relevant and transferable skills that match a particular job opening.

    Follow these tips when crafting your UI developer summary statement:

    • Start your summary with an action verb to make it more dynamic and impactful.
    • Pick out relevant keyword skills and experience which directly overlap the new role.
    • Utilize quantitative evidence when possible to reinforce stated achievements.
    • Be concise. a summary is supposed to be 3 – 5 sentences long.

    One strategy that may help you stand out among other applicants is by modifying your ui developer resume summary so as to fit into the desired position.

    How to craft the experience section in senior ui developer resume examples?

    In your senior UI developer resume, the experience part should demonstrate your capabilities like front-end development skills and accomplishments made in previous roles. You also need to mention some of your ui developer responsibilities that led to exceptional results.

    The best experience section should be tailor-made for the position you are applying for. This can be achieved by creating a section containing the desirable key word skills and abilities.

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    How to present Ui developer resume skills?

    The skills section of your senior Ui developer resume can be used as a reference point to quickly highlight qualities and abilities that show you are generally suited for the job. You need to create an extensive yet focused skills section. These steps should be followed when writing your skills section:

    • List format without elaboration or examples.
    • Make sure both hard and soft skills are included by listing them separately.
    • Personalize your list for specific jobs by including keyword skills taken directly from the job description itself.
    • Use keywords exactly as described in the job description; this will enhance ATS optimization.
    • Do not exaggerate about your skills.

    All senior ui developer resume examples should include both hard and soft skills, that include programming and coding skills in UI development and knowledge of development software.

    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Angular.js
    • JavaScript
    • React.js
    • jQuery
    • Bootstrap
    • Sass
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Sketch
    • Git and GitHub
    • AJAX
    • TypeScript,
    • JSON
    • Node.js
    • Vue.js
    • (UX) Design
    • (UI) Design
    • Decision Making and Strategic Planning
    • Problem-Solving Skills
    • Analytical skills
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Emotional Intelligence

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    Developer Resume Achievements Examples

    In your work, notable accomplishments can be a good way of showing the quality of what you have done. To set yourself apart from other candidates, mention any awards like design awards or project competition recognition. Those that you enlist should be relevant, well-known, and able to be verified.

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    How to write the Education Section in Developer Resume?

    Your certifications and education sections on your resume are an excellent opportunity to exhibit your foundational knowledge as well as the commitment that you have towards staying up-to-date with trends and learning in the industry. To write this section, follow these steps:

    • Reorder your degrees in reverse chronological order so that you have your most recent and relevant degree appear first.
    • List any highly related coursework under education bullet points

    Here are some of the examples you can add in an education section:

    • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)
    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
    • Google UX Design
    • Certified Internet Web Professional – Web Design Specialist
    • Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) Membership

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    Action Verbs needed in senior ui developer resume examples

    Below are some verbs that can be used to highlight the expertise and skills of a developer in the resume:

    • Create
    • Design
    • Plan
    • Train
    • Monitor
    • Supervise
    • Renovate
    • Rebuild 
    • Resolve 
    • Configure 
    • Collaborate 
    • Troubleshoot 
    • Analyze
    • Coordinate 

    After applying our guide to build your resume, use our AI Resume Optimizer to check your resume to know if you are on the right track or not.

    Senior UI developer resume examples

    If you are looking for a senior ui/ux designer resume, you are in the right place. We will provide you with one of the best senior ui developer resume sample that you can use. Here is the senior ui resume template you can use:

    Senior Ui Developer Resume

    Email Address:
    Phone Number:


    A seasoned senior UI developer with 7 years in App Software Design, Object Oriented Design, Development, Analysis, Documentation, Debugging, Testing and Implementation. Involved with many (SDLC)projects thus enhancing my skills in developing and designing user experiences of web applications using HTML5/HTML/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.


    Senior UI Developer, Company/Organization Name, Month 20XX–Present

    Supervise group of five developers who came up with a simple GUI for different well known clients.
    Creating a customer centric digital experience which led to a 20% increase in client satisfaction.
    Prioritizing multiple projects with strict deadlines reduced project overruns by 33%
    Javascript frameworks were used to build responsive scalable web applications that increased website speed by 25%.

    Front-end Developer, Company/Organization Name, Month 20XX–20XX

    Designed extensively and built interactive user interfaces of diverse kinds.
    Built interactive User Interface Using Latest Javascript And React Technologies Which Resulted In 23% Increase In User Engagement
    Made a successful completion of the migration from Angular to React within the given time frames.
    Collaborated with design & product teams for feature specification definition as well as high quality deliverables.

    Web Developer, Company/Organization Name, Month 20XX–20XX

    Led a team of developers to create and enhance web applications
    Created more than 29 front-end features using HTML5, CSS3 and SASS, through this site which has increased its accessibility.
    Codebase scalability has improved by 44% in JavaScript where modularity was implemented
    Through mentoring junior developers who work in the department, productivity levels have been raised by 18%.

    Skills: HTML5/HTML/XHTML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.


    M.Sc. (Computer Science),University name, Date
    B.Sc. (Information Technology), University name, Date

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    Tips to write a senior ui developer resume

    To create a resume that works with automatic tracking applications like ATS, you must use some of the keywords from the job advert.

    • Your resume should not exceed five MB or two pages. 
    • summarize your skills and accomplishments into bullet points that showcase your core competencies. 
    • Resume tone should be formal.
    • Proofread the resume to make sure that there aren’t any errors in typographical, semantic or structural.

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