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Top secret tips for a senior servicenow developer resume

craft an ATS friendly senior servicenow developer resume with our guide and follow our secret tips for a compelling resume.

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    In the world of ServiceNow development, crafting a compelling senior servicenow developer resume is highly significant in determining whether you will be invited for an interview or not. A well-organized resume shows professionalism on your part and it also makes it easy for employers to understand your skills and experience. 

    In this article from Resume Forrest we will provide you with a full guide for crafting a senior servicenow developer resume and top tips or use our resume builder 2024 to super-pass your candidates.

    How to write a senior servicenow developer resume?

    In a specialized field such as ServiceNow development, getting the right servicenow devops resume structure could make all the difference when it comes to outshining other candidates. That why you need to cover these servicenow resume points to build one of the best servicenow resumes:

    1- Start with a Professional Summary

    Begin with a summary of professional experience that briefly presents your qualifications and knowledge in ServiceNow Development. The section should give a brief overview of career achievements and how having these skills can benefit prospective employers. 

    By putting emphasis on your passion for ServiceNow Development, as well as your achievements; this can set a professional tone for your senior servicenow developer resume.

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    2- Detail Your Experience

    Experience with service now development projects is important. Discuss any projects you have worked on, including what you struggled with overcoming them. 

    Focus on ITSM, business process automation or service now tools use task descriptions along with bullet points highlighting servicenow roles and responsibilities resume taken up and achievements made during one’s time at work demonstrating problem-solving abilities when dealing with complex issues using ServiceNow tools proficiently.

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    3- Focus on Technical Skills and Soft Skills

    It is also important that you highlight some soft skills in addition to your ServiceNow knowledge. Have a section that would balance them out, where you can showcase your competence in ServiceNow development and ability to lead a team and work well with others. 

    Whether you are writing a servicenow csm developer resume, servicenow hrsd developer resume, servicenow grc developer resume, servicenow itom resume, or servicenow performance analytics resume, this section will show that you are more than just good technically but also someone who can add value to the company culture.

    Here are some of the skills that can be included in a senior servicenow developer resume:

    • ServiceNow Development, Workflow, Administration, Scripting, Customization, Security, Integration, Reporting, Performance Analytics, and ITSM Implementation
    • Problem Solving
    • Leadership skills
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication
    • Analytical Thinking
    • Logical Thinking
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Support
    • Creativity
    • Innovation
    • Active Listening

    4- Showcase ServiceNow Certification 

    Your certifications as a ServiceNow Developer are key. Rearrange this part of your senior servicenow developer resume so that it begins with listing your ServiceNow certifications, and then your degree. 

    This format allows hiring managers to quickly evaluate your technical qualifications as well your experiences.

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    5- Have a Portfolio or Links of your work

    Lastly, think about having a portfolio section or including links of your work. This will enable prospective employers to observe what you have done in relation to ServiceNow development. 

    Demonstrating some of the projects that one has worked on like complex workflow designs or custom apps can be very persuasive in such situations.

    6- Add ServiceNow development Keywords

    As a ServiceNow Developer, it’s essential to include relevant keywords in your senior servicenow developer resume to showcase your skills, experience, and expertise.

    This will help your resume pass the ATS check and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers who are looking for candidates with specific ServiceNow skills. 

    • Here are some keywords you should consider incorporating into your resume: 
    • ServiceNow Platform such as (ITSM), (ITOM), (ITBM), and (CSM). 
    • Scripting: Highlight your experience with scripting languages used in ServiceNow, such as JavaScript, AngularJS

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    7- Add Resume Action Verbs 

    Adding Some action verbs to your senior servicenow developer resume would help you made a more compelling resume:

    • Develop
    • Configure
    • Troubleshot
    • Integrate
    • Customize
    • Automate
    • Implemente
    • Optimize
    • Upgrade
    • Streamline
    • Debugge
    • Collaborate
    • Design
    • Architecte
    • Deploye
    • Monitore
    • Maintain
    • Enhance

    Ater Following these steps save your servicenow developer resume pdf, that will help you craft an ATS friendly resume you also can use our ATS Resume Builder Free to check your senior servicenow developer resume.

    Senior servicenow developer resume sample

    If you are looking for servicenow resume examples, then all you need to do is to follow our sample as it is one of the best senior servicenow resume samples: 

    Email Address


    An experienced and professional senior servicenow developer with 8 years of IT experience, including about 5 years working on Service-Now. engaged in various capacities such as Incident Management, Service Catalog, Problem Management, Change Management, Project Management and CMDB. with understanding of all the phases of SDLC and familiar with methodologies like Waterfall, Agile/Scrum.

    SENIOR SERVICENOW DEVELOPER, company, duration

    8 years of experience in IT.
    Creation of project plans and timetables development by providing cost and time estimating.
    Implemente, Coordinated, tested ,integrated and documented solutions.
    Provided solutions that impacted many other projects and  different applications.
    Detected many errors to ensure that there are no production outages.
    Developed and tested some new ServiceNow platforms that helped in defining  technical specifications and solutions through the analysis of requirements.
    Identified  issues within the code of the ServiceNow by performing a level 3 support with the cooperation of other team members to resolve them within the agreed SLAs
    Lead a team of 5 ServiceNow developers.

    SERVICENOW DEVELOPER, company, duration

    IT service management and IT infrastructure library in ServiceNow Incident, change, problem, configuration, asset and other ServiceNow applications
    Database view, scripted rest API, inbound and outbound API, UI script business rule widget and others ServiceNow Applications
    Global and scoped glide components including glide record glid aggregate glidesystem glidedatetime
    Workflow configurations scheduled task service watch and others ServiceNow automation and orchestration features
    Angular bootstrap Java scripting HTML CSS.
    Work with SNOW SME to form the built-in solutions that enhance the value of the ITSM organization.
    Implementing the basic modules as well as applications in a service now office
    Performs day-to-day operations as well as after-hours activities tactical operational activities and strategic initiatives carried out within service now framework.

    SERVICENOW DEVELOPER INTERN, company, duration

    Working effectively within the SCRUM team focusing on sprint goal delivery.
    Designed many platforms with self-service automation performance in mind.
    Develop using established best practices and standards.
    Assist in research functions related to assignment tasks
    Assist in identifying system solutions available through ServiceNow along with analysis options when applicable.


    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, university name, date


    javascript and SQL
    ServiceNow Development
    ServiceNow Administration
    ServiceNow  Workflow
    ServiceNow Security
    Performance Analytics
    ITSM Implementation
    communication skills
    effectively work in a global environment
    interpersonal skills

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    Tips for crafting a senior servicenow developer resume

    As a senior ServiceNow Developer, your resume should represent your technical expertise in using the ServiceNow platform. It should showcase your knowledge of ITSM and your experience in ServiceNow applications, to do so follow these sects tips:

    1. Showcase Your Certifications such as (CSA), (CIS), or (CAD). 
    2. Highlight your specialization, it is important to specify what areas you are specialized in like ITSM, ITOM, or HR Service Delivery.
    3. Showcase your experience with different modules like CMDB, Incident Management, Change Management, and Problem Management. 
    4. highlight your experience in coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS..
    5. Quantify Your Impact by using metrics to show your contributions.
    6. Customize Your CV for the Role.
    7. Demonstrate Soft Skills and Collaboration.

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