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Top Real senior front-end developer cv example: 8 step guide

use our senior front-end developer cv example to craft an ATS friendly resume and get your dream job.

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    If you are about to find another senior front-end developer position, the initial step is updating your resume in such a way that typical mistakes made by many front-end developers will be avoided. You also need to look into some senior front-end developer cv example to know how to craft your own.

    When it’s time to look for your next job, you will have to create an attractively formatted resume with details about your skills, educational background and work experience. In case you’re getting ready for a new job as a front-end developer, begin by revising your resume so that it doesn’t make the same mistakes that most of these professionals do.

    How to format a senior front-end developer cv?

    Formatting your resume is vital today more than ever with the ATS systems. An improperly formatted CV will not be well received and won’t have any call-backs. 

    Correct resume format involves document settings similar to what one would find on any new word or google doc. So if you want a front-end developer cv template word you need to follow this steps:

    • This consists of one-inch margins all around, single line spacing, and plain white background.
    • Use a Simple formatted template,It’s good for someone who wants their skills and experience displayed simply without any frills.The most common format for a front-end developer resume is a modern two column layout with simple colour options on the background. This will enable you to include all your skills and experience in just one page while still allowing for clickable links as well as other modern resume features.
    • You must select a basic, neat font like sans-serif or serif fontsArial or Courier or even Times New Roman which are not fancy but simple.
    • Use font sizes between ten to twelve points. This has been the standard size for fonts and is slowly becoming the same for digital media too. 
    • All resumes should have a maximum length of two pages.
    • Save your senior front-end developer resume pdf

    To ascertain the quality of your resume, examine it using our AI Resume Checker; this will provide you with an expert analysis and recommendations on how to improve it.

    How to write a senior front-end developer CV example?

    In addition to the format your senior front-end developer cv example should include some details. These include technical skills, experience, and other elements:

    1- Summary

    A developer’s resume summary or about me is intended for those who have more than five years of experience. It sums up their career so far and highlights any appropriate achievements in developing stronger frameworks, enhancing app security, or reducing page load times.

    Front end developer about me examples

    There some summaries can be used to express what you want about yourself:

    Certified Front end developer for over 10 years with Strong Architecture & Development experience using Java/J2EE and Over 6 years of UI development, frontend development rich user interface design and development Expertise in distributed application architecture, object oriented design, and web based applications.
    Experienced frontend developer with react & Redux knowledge, experience with building user-facing products, working in HTML, CSS and ES6.

    2- Experience in senior front end developer resume

    The main section of your resume that will go into detail about your past work history as a front-end developer. A senior front end developer resume experience may include full-time positions, part-time employment, permanent roles.

    One of the biggest complaints employers often have is getting front end resume that do not show enough how the candidate can improve the company website and user experience.

    Instead, they get a copy-paste version of what they did in their previous job. We want to accomplish more than that.

    Within your senior front-end developer cv example, Remember that it is important for you to make clear and precise statements regarding what you did in your previous roles and how they impacted on the projects.

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    4- Skills in senior front-end developer cv example

    The secret to writing a successful Senior Front End Developer resume lies in emphasizing certain skills and qualifications. Your CV is essentially your “front end” to potential employers; thus it must be as appealing as possible because it’s a key factor in increasing your earnings. Let us outline for you the core competencies that should appear in a Senior Front end Developer cv:

    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • CSS
    • Responsive Design
    • React
    • Angular 
    • Git
    • Version Control
    • Debugging
    • Testing
    • Bootstrap
    • UI/UX Design
    • Web Performance Optimization
    • AJAX and APIs

    5- Awards and achievements

    If you have received any awards such as the Shorty Awards or W3 Awards, make sure to include it in your front end developer resume sample.  it demonstrates your excellence in the field and makes a strong impression.

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    6- Published works

    if you have written articles that were published or books about HTML design and other front-end coding techniques, you are qualified because of your ability to translate technical information for non-technical audiences.

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    7- Front-end projects for portfolio

    Front-end developers usually work on multiple projects; they can share all their design and coding projects done under a personal website or project portfolio to showcase their experience at hiring teams.

    For recruiters it is easier to understand what your experience in website and app development entails, grasp your designing capabilities, achievements etc. Another advantage of this is that you get to break down individual achievements within a team project which may be difficult to detail on a resume.

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    8- Action verbs

    The front-end developer resume may have the following action verbs that correctly depict your background and/or abilities:

    • Developed
    • Designed
    • Implemented
    • Optimized

    Following these steps will help you craft the best senior front-end developer cv example, but if you are still confused use our 

    Senior front-end developer cv example

    Looking for a Front end developer CV template Word free download, then use this front end developer resume examples:

    Front end developer CV template

    Senior Front End Developer

    14+ years experience
    Team Leader (front end team)
    Resource Manager
    HTML, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery experienced users.
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud & Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts.
    Experienced in developing page designer components.
    Graphic Communication experienced persons.
    Work with designs that are responsive and can be translated into numerous languages.
    Experience of managing content.
    Refactoring and improving existing code experienced individuals.
    Working efficiently in a diverse environment


    Project Role: Front end developer 
    Team size: 


    Realising interfaces with HTML5 , SCSS , JS , jQuery technologies according to stack set on project;
    Responsible making responsive designs ;
    Creating custom components or introducing new features as part of the FE build process;
    Code reviewing ;
    Worked through Scrum sprints; Optimised pages’ performance; and collaborated with back-end developers and designers to enhance usability;
    Getting feedbacks from users/customers and designing solutions based on them;
    Developing documentations ;
    helping backend coders and solving problems when necessary.


    CSS fundamentals
    Cross-browser testing
    Accessibility fundamentals
    Accessibility in HTML / CSS
    Salesforce Commerce
    Commerce Cloud by Salesforce
    Chrome DevTools
    CMS (Content Management Systems)
    HTML code
    Microdata is a simple method of marking up elements for better SEO results.
    Microsoft Windofor ws OS
    NPM (Node Package Manager)
    Visual Studio Code 
    GitHub –ace.

    Leadership & soft skills

    Dialogue construction 
    Emotional intelligence.
    The art of negotiation
    Planning professional development 
    Managing conflict in organisations!
    Design thinking stages


    Masters in Graphic Communications, university, date


    Salesforce Administrator (2020)

    Senior front-end developer cv example

    Email Address


    Senior Front-End Developer, X company, Date
    Build and develop a dynamic user interface for enterprise customer accounts of up to three million dollars value in Agile settings that support large-scale e-commerce platform projects.
    Throughout the project lifecycle, manage a team consisting of over twenty front-end developers, software engineers, and graphic designers providing coaching and mentorship as well as establishing a creative and supportive work culture.
    To improve the delivery of projects by twenty percent lead the web application development department in introducing agile methodology into the organisation as well as Scrum.

    Lead Front-End Developer, X company,date

    Developed custom made front-end frameworks for marketing sites, advertisement portals and e-commerce websites; these involved prototyping all parts of web page design wireframing debugging and coding activities.
    Developed innovative features in conjunction with stakeholders from technical teams and product management organisations that improved app downloads by fifteen percent for mobile users.


    Web Application Development
    UX Design
    Front-End Development
    Cross Functional Leadership


    Certified Web Development Professional, Application Developer, date
    Java Development Certified Professional, date


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University, date


    Follow our Front-End Developer Resume Secrets to craft an ATS friendly resume to get the job at your dream company and pass all other candidates.

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