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How To Write Resume For Receptionist Fresher | Tips & Examples

Beat the competition with a compelling resume for receptionist fresher, Elevate Your Entry into the Professional Arena with experts tips and tricks.

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    Seeking a new career as a receptionist? Being a receptionist is more than greeting and smiling, receptionist is the company’s representative, handling diverse responsibilities.

    Crafting a resume for receptionist fresher might seem tough, especially when it comes to showcasing your skills and expertise.

    so, let’s discover how to translate your skills and qualifications into powerful achievements on paper and land the job you’ve been dreaming of.

    Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to step into the world of reception or you are shifting gears to a new career this guide will help you write your resume for receptionist fresher with ease.

    We will dive into:

    • Receptionist responsibilities.
    • Writing a resume for receptionist fresher.
    • How to apply for a receptionist job without previous experience.
    • Tips and tricks to write a unique CV for fresher.

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    Went to a hotel or company before? Absolutely the first thing you did was going to the receptionist person and asking about what you came for.

    The receptionist starts with grating you and then answering your questions, when you need to wait until he finishes what you want he gently  redirects you to the waiting area or the reception office which is mostly a quiet place contains of books and magazines.

    Maybe not all companies need a receptionist but there is a lot of companies need one, where their work basically depends on dealing with clients like hospitals, hotels, and banks.

    The main responsibilities of the receptionist are:

    • Welcoming and greeting the clients.
    • Replying phone calls and emails.
    • Informing the manager in case of visitors or clients’ arrival.
    • Setting the timetables and arranging them.
    • Scheduling appointments.
    • Entering data.
    • Keeping the reception office organized, neat, and clean.
    • Preparing reports and assisting with administrative tasks.

    Your resume for receptionist fresher is not just a resume file; it’s your chance to convince the recruiters that you are the best candidate for this role showcasing the hiring managers that you can be the company’s face and voice.

    Before starting the writing process ensure you are formatting your resume effectively.

    Arranging and formatting your resume for receptionist fresher is essential to show your arranging skills.

    How do I write a resume for a fresher receptionist?

    • Choose appropriate resume format: it’s recommended to use one of the best resume formats 2024 especially chronological format the most popular format among recruiters.
    • Make it readable:  use an organized layout and a professional font to enhance your CV readability. best font for resume 2024
    • Shorten: make your CV at the point and keep the length no more than two pages then save it as a PDF file to be ready for sending to recruiters.

    Small tips but they ensure a professional attitude and dedication for hunting the job.

    Now let’s dive into writing your Resume for receptionist fresher.

    Make it easy to contact you in case you have been chosen for the interview by adding your personal information and contact details at the heading of your Resume for receptionist fresher.

    1. Write your name at the top of your CV with appropriate font.
    2. Follow your name by your professional title or the title you are applying for.
    3. Add your current address, emphasizing your locality and city.
    4. Share your professional email address and reliable phone number; make sure they are active and easily accessible.
    5. Provide your LinkedIn profile link for more professionalism.

    First impression matters; the first thing the hiring manager’s eyes fall on is your resume summary or objective.

    It’s your biggest chance to grab their attention to continue reading your CV, make it impressive and engaging.

    Write the profile in your resume for receptionist fresher as the following:

    1. Review the job description carefully and the requirements.
    2. Deeply think about your skills, education, and related work experience.
    3. Match your qualifications with the job requirements.
    4. With passion summarize that in 3-4 sentences showing who you are and your skills, what you can add to the company, and what you are aiming for by joining them.

    Mention that under the section receptionist resume objective

    Highly motivated communications graduate with strong knowledge of the industry needs. Skilled in maintaining reception areas, greeting guests, and managing phone systems. Proficient in Microsoft Word and Outlook; seeking a challenging role as a receptionist at Grand Hotel.

    Have a previous work experience? Follow the same tips as before; in addition, highlight your working years and the big achievements.

    Then mention that receptionist summary for resume as:

    Detail-oriented receptionist with 7+ years of experience in busy front desk role.  Efficient in handling front desk duties at several 5-star hotels, earning praise for exceptional service. Seeking to contribute my expertise and enthusiasm to a dynamic team, ensuring a positive and professional reception experience.

    Your work experience section is the most important part of your resume for receptionist fresher, where you can show the recruiters your real work and proven skills to handle the job requirements.

    How to write this part professionally:

    1. Use the reverse chronological format:  start from the most recent work to the last one.
    2. Write your professional title for each work followed by the company name and the working period.
    3. Showcase your work responsibilities and achievements in bullet points.
    4. Quantify your impact: use numbers and percentages in describing your achievements.
    5. Tailor your experiences according to what requirements needed in the job description.
    6. Make it more engaging by using Action verbs in describing your achievements.
    • Answered
    • Confirmed
    • Directed
    • Greeted
    • Managed
    • Organized
    • Scheduled

    • Responded
    • Solved
    • Communicated
    • Transacted
    • Entered
    • Completed
    Customer Service Representative | Tech Solutions Inc., New York, NY | January 2022 – April 2023

    Delivered exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries and resolving issues efficiently.
    Maintained accurate customer records and efficiently managed a high volume of incoming calls.
    Collaborated with team members to improve customer support processes, resulting in a 15%reduction in response time.
    Received commendations for outstanding service and problem-solving skills.
    Senior Administrative Assistant | Corporate Dynamics Ltd., New York, NY | September 2022 – May 2023

    Managed executive-level calendars, scheduled appointments, and coordinated travel arrangements.
    Acted as the primary point of contact for clients, delivering exceptional service and maintaining a professional image.
    Developed and maintained efficient filing systems, reducing document retrieval time by 30%.
    Coordinated office events and meetings, ensuring seamless logistics and high attendee satisfaction.

    Recruiters want to make sure you can do the work responsibilities; it’s easy to show that in your experience and skills sections even when you didn’t work in that field before.

    So, your question must be how do I write a CV for a receptionist with no experience?

    You can give the hiring managers a big reason to hire you with proven skills from your previous related work in similar fields like customer service or housekeeping.

    Adding an education section to your CV is crucial; it’s considered the easiest and the most traditional part of any CV for fresh graduate without experience.

    Get the best benefit from this part and show the recruiters your qualifications

    • Write your degree name followed by the institution or college’s name and the dates of starting and graduation.
    • Include any coursework or students activities that are relevant to the receptionist role.
    • In case you have more than one degree, add the highest and latest one first.
    • If you’re currently studying, mention your expected graduation date.
    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management | New York University| 2019-graduated May 2023

    Relevant coursework: Front Office Operations, Service Excellence in Hospitality, Business Ethics.

    Ensure going forward to the interview stage with writing an ATS-friendly skills section

    • Remember your education and previous work then write a list of your skills.
    • Keep in mind to only include the relevant skills not all your skills.
    • Read the skills included in the job description carefully.
    • Match your skills with job requirements.
    • Write a group of your required soft and technical skills for receptionist work.

    Examples of  best skills to put on a resume for receptionist

    soft skills for receptionist resume

    • Team working
    • Time management
    • Effective listening
    • Customer service
    • Attention to details
    • Multitasking
    • Problem-solving
    • Conflict resolution

    Hard skills:

    • Fast typing
    • Knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint
    • Multi-line phone system
    • Data entry

    Stand out from the crowd and be closer to acceptance with additional CV sections:

    Like Volunteering, languages, achievements, awards, and projects.

    That can be very beneficial especially when you are writing a Resume for receptionist fresher without a lot of experience so you can fill your resume perfectly.

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    Most hiring managers consider the cover letter as important requirement for applying a job application.

    Best practices to follow on writing your cover letter:

    • Choose appropriate format.
    • Start with showing who you are and your passion for the job.
    • Speak about what you know about the company and what make you want to work there.
    • Detail your big achievements, experiences, and skills.
    • End it with a strong call to action encouraging them to contact you or scheduling a meeting.

    In the era of speed and advanced technology that we live, ATS can be the difference between an interview and not getting noticed at all.

    ATS is for “Applicant Tracking System” which hiring managers use to filter CV’s according to specific keywords and the job description.

    It’s crucial to have a unique resume for receptionist fresher with ATS rules in mind to stand out from other applicants and rank higher.

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    Resume Forrest is providing you with expert tool to build your ATS-friendly CV, never miss a job opportunity anymore.

    What resume Forrest can do:

    • Writing ATS-beating resume: our software analysis your information and tailors your resume to specific keywords and formats favored by ATS.
    • Ai-powered optimization: save your efforts with AI assistant helping you choose the right templates according to your industry and experiences, identifying weaknesses’ and giving recommendations.
    • Resume manager: organize and manage multiple resumes for different positions or industrieseasily.
    • Proofreading: ensure your resume is error free with our built in grammar checker.

    Create a standout resume for receptionist fresher and open doors to new career opportunities.

    Martin Robert
    Phone: 0777 777 7777
    Email: martinrobert@gmail.com
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/

    Resume Objective

    Organized and detail-oriented Receptionist with bachelor degree of communications. Proficient in common programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Photoshop. Skilled in customer serving and interacting with the public. Seeking to improve my skills and practice my study in challenging role at Mount Sinai hospital.
    Work Experience

    Mira restaurant, New York
    Served customers with their orders.
    Solved problems and managed conflicts.
    Handled customer disputes
    Collaborated with the team in the cleaning work
    Bachelor of business administration and Management | New York University| 2019-graduated May 2023

    General skills:
    Strong Knowledge of MS office, Outlook
    Multi-line phone system
    Soft skills
    Attention to details
    Problem solving
    Conflict resolution

    French-very good
    • Don’t forget to write a compelling cover letter and attach it with your CV.
    • In case you didn’t get a reply from the recruiter, don’t hesitate to follow up.
    • Tailor your CV with the job description and let it be ATS-friendly.
    • Save your CV and cover letter as a PDF before sending.
    • It’s not preferred to include personal information like your marital status.
    • Don’t your photo.

    Now you are well equipped to write a stunning resume for receptionist fresher good luck in your job hunting journey.

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