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Top 9 tips for writing a resume for junior web developer

Craft A Compelling Resume For Junior Web Developer With Our 9 Steps Guide to Land your dream job And Get Hired.

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    Being a Web developer means that you are a part of a very competitive field, especially if you are a junior, and if you want to secure your opportunity that means you need a compelling resume for junior web developer to surpass other applicants.

    Resume Forrest experts will give you the best advice and steps to build an effective Resume for junior web developer, all you have to do is to read this article to know how.

    What we will discuss in your article:

    • The best format for a resume for junior web developer
    • How to write a junior web developer resume?
    • Web developer resume template free
    • Junior web developer resume example

    The best format for a resume for junior web developer

    Your resume is the first impression a hiring manager will have of you, so it’s important to make sure it’s neat, professional and well-structured.

    It’s important to choose a professional font for your Junior web Developer cv with the right font size, it is preferred to use 12 points font size and for the headers use 14 points.

    You need to keep the page margins at 1 inch to make it readable. When you’re applying for a job, it’s best to keep your resume on one page. If you have a digital portfolio, align it with your resume’s formatting.

    How to write a junior web developer resume?

    Our experts will provide you with the steps to craft jr web developer resumes that have the ability to pass any ats resume checker, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

    1- Write your personal information

    Include your personal information such as your name, email and phone number. Include the link to your professional portfolio website if you have one, and hyperlink it.

    Also, consider linking your professional networking profile or social media account. Place this information on the top of your resume.

    2- Summary for resume for junior web developer

    Add a brief professional paragraph about what you want to accomplish in the role and how you’re qualified to do that. This is something that hiring managers can use to determine if you’re the right fit for the position.

    Keep your professional summary to three to five sentences, using action verbs to show how valuable you are to the hiring manager. This is your chance to clearly articulate what you’re looking for in a position, so make sure to edit it thoroughly. 

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    3- Experience for Resume For Junior Web Developer

    In this section, list your current jobs and internships using the reverse chronological format chronologically. Start with the most recent job with the title and don’t forget to  include the company name, date of employment.

    Next, list your accomplishments or responsibilities as bullet points. Use specific terms only to describe the impact of your work and what you achieved.

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    4- Projects

    A projects section lets recruiters know that you can complete the projects you will work on, so include your previous projects with a few lines describing some of the tools you used in your projects and how you created them using these tools.

    You can include the projects you worked on even if they were freelance work or projects you worked on with others. You can skip this section if you already have enough experience to show in the experience section.

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    5- Web developer CV skills

    You can include both technical skills and soft skills in this section. Use the job description to determine which of the skills you have needs to be included on your junior web developer resume.

    For this position, you can add hard skills such as coding languages and tools that you usually use in your projects.

    For the soft skills you need to highlight the skills that show you are a team player such as communication skills, collaboration skills, visual thinking skills, and creativity. 

    6- Your education

    Under the education heading, list your college, city, state, major, or degree, graduation date, and any coursework you have completed. Make sure to include course topics that demonstrate your expertise.

    If you don’t have a degree, you can include a high school education. If you have a certificate or other training courses, include that under your education heading, and include any coursework related to that training.

    This section would be the most important section if you are building a Resume for junior web developer with no experience, and should be highlighted especially if you have a degree related to the position you are applying for.

    7- Certifications For A resume for junior web developer

    You can add this section if you have some important certifications from an internship or other job that you want to showcase, especially if you’re applying to companies or agencies that prefer having certificates related to the position.

    8- Volunteer experience

    This section isn’t necessary in most of the resume, but it would be important if you don’t have any experience or you were applying for a volunteer position for a non profit organization.

    9- languages section

    This section may be important if you applying for a multinational company 

    After following these steps you can use the Resume Checker Online Free to make sure that you crafted an effective CV or use our AI resume optimizer

    Web developer resume template free

    If you are searching for a junior web developer resume template you can use this sample resume for junior web developer template

    Name: first and last name
    Phone number
    Email address


    Introduce yourself as a web developer in 2 or 3 sentences that showcase experience and important skills.

    Your title, company name, date

    Use action verbs + describe your role and responsibilities + why + the results 

    – Your job duty description
    – Your job duty description
    – Your job duty description
    – Your job duty description

    Repeat this section if you worked for more than a company or held different positions.


    – One Hard skill
    – One Hard skill
    – One Hard skill
    – One Hard skill
    – One Soft skill
    – One Soft skill
    – One Soft skill
    – One Soft skill

    Your degree, University Name, Date of graduation

    Organization or Institute Name, Date of complete

    If you want a Web Developer resume sample, you can use our free sample to inspire you.

    Junior web developer resume example

    Here is a junior developer resume example you can use to craft your CV

    Madeline Cooper 
    Phone number: xxxxxxxx
    Email address: xxxxxxxx
    Address: city, state
    Website: xxxxxxxxx


    A motivated fresh graduate with experience in building websites seeking an opportunity to emphasize my skills in a dynamic team. 


    Web Designer, Company Name, Date

    – Designed different sites using java script
    – Designed web-based applications.
    – Identified website bugs.
    – Designed web applications for different clients.
    – Create accessible and responsive user interfaces.


    – Python
    – UX
    – Javascript
    – Front-end development
    – Creativity.
    – Communication skills.
    – Analytical thinking

    Associate degree in Web Development, University Name, Date of graduation

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    Crafting a compelling resume for junior web developer is the best way to secure an interview. follow our tips and use our ATS Checker to land your dream job. 

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