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How To Write Resume For Freshers Degree Students | Tips & Steps 

learn how to craft a compelling resume for freshers degree Students, what to do if you have no experience step-by-step with examples and tips.

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    Have finished the stage of academic studies? Welcome to the professional life.

    Stepping into the world of working is a new challenge in your life you can’t win it without a standout resume.

    Where resume for freshers degree students is as having a passport to all your destinations.

    Whether you want to start your career journey with an internship and training period or jump-start your career directly definitely you should write a resume.

    But how to write a resume without having any previous experience? That’s what we are about to discuss.

    In this article we will highlight the following:

    • How to write a resume for freshers degree students with no experience?
    • Which is best resume format for freshers?
    • How do you replace the lake of experience section in your resume?
    • Benefits of using resume builders?
    • Undergraduate resume for internship.

    Let’s dive more.

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    A resume for freshers degree students is a short brief document where you can show the hiring managers who you are and what your qualifications and educational background you have.

    In addition, your resume for freshers degree students plays an essential role in presenting you as a professional candidate in front of the hiring managers and convenience them to arrange an interview in order to go forward through the hiring process.

    Resume for freshers degree students key components:

    • Headline and your contact details.
    • Resume objective.
    • Education section.
    • Work history.
    • Skills.

    Don’t have any previous experience yet? Don’t worry it’s a common manner between the fresh graduates, the hiring managers expect that.

    You can replace the experience section in your resume for freshers degree students with more beneficial sections like internships, volunteering work, and professional courses and certificates.

    But before that, you should know how to format and arrange your resume.

    So, what is the best resume format for freshers degree students and the most appropriate one?

    Here we go!

    Formatting resume for freshers degree students depends on your experience and the nature of the job you want to apply for.

    Basically, there are three resume formats of resume for freshers degree students:

    • Reverse chronological format.
    • Functional format.
    • Combination format.

    The most preferred format by the hiring managers.

    The reverse chronological format focuses on work experience and the dates of working.

    It’s obvious from its name that you will arrange your resume from the recent to the old job you filled.

    Use it to format your resume for freshers degree students if you have previous work experience or even volunteering work and internship periods.

    The functional format is skills-based, focusing on your skills and the services you can deliver to the hiring managers.

    It’s a good choice when you are preparing to write a resume for freshers degree students or an undergraduate resume with no experience.

    Use it also when you have previous experience in different fields that aren’t related to the job you are applying for.

    In this resume format, it’s important to add additional CV sections as your hobbies and interests.

    From its name, the combination format is a blend of the functional and the reverse chronological format.

    Using this format allows you to get the benefits of the reverse chronological format and the functional format as showing your experience and skills together.

    Which is best resume format for freshers?

    Actually, there is no specific format you should choose, it’s totally according to your preferences and your work history.

    But it’s recommended to avoid using formats that depend on work history and working dates when you still have no experience yet.

    So, when you are about to write a resume for freshers degree students or a resume for undergraduate students pay attention to that.

    Decided which resume format to use?

    Let’s dig deeper into the process of writing resume for freshers degree students.

    After knowing the job you want to apply for start writing your resume and organize it according to the chosen format.

    At the headline of your CV add your name with big and bold font followed by the job title.

    Make it easy to contact you in case you choose for the interview by adding your contact details like your phone number email LinkedIn profile link.

    When you are applying for a local job add your address to make the hiring managers notice you.

    For example:

    Harry Jacob

    Chef Assistant

    Phone number:01111
    Email: harry jacob @gmail.com
    LinkedIn profile link: linkedin/harry

    Resume for freshers degree students should begin with resume objective. It’s the first thing hiring managers look for in the CV for freshers.

    Open your resume with a short appealing brief about you, your skills, and what you can add to the organization.

    In 3-5 sentences stand out among other applicants and give the hiring managers a reason to continue reading your resume for freshers degree students.

    Highly motivated fresh graduate chef with a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotels. Skilled at making deserts and cakes with good knowledge of the industry’s best practices. Seeking to add a unique touch to the Grand Hotel kitchen by joining the hotel team as the new chef.
     Fresh graduate student with no experience. Want to work as a chef.

    The education section is the heart of the CV for freshers with no experience.

    Mention your educational background as the following:

    Start with the degree followed by the universe name and location

    In the second line add your study dates.

    For example:

    Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce, New York University, NYC
    Jan-2019 – Jun 2023

    If you are still an undergraduate mention your expected graduation date.

    When you are a high school student do it also as we mentioned.

    Remember no need to add your high school to your resume for freshers degree students if you have already graduated.

    Work experience in resume for freshers degree students can be a challenging section.

    In case you have work experience like customer service or housekeeping to add to your resume you can do it as the following:

    • Begin with the title or position in a separate line.
    • Follow it by the organization name and the work period.
    • Then highlight your achievements in bullet points.

    Begin your bullet points with action verbs according to tenses like achieved, wrote, and developed.

    Or developing, writing, and cleaning when you still working and haven’t finished your previous work.

    For example:


    Grand Hotel, New York
    1-2023 – 1-2024

    – Achieved the employee of the year.
    – Collaborated with the team to obtain the customer’s satisfaction.
    – Helped the hotel to achieve the Certificate of Health at a high rate.
    – Trained 5 new chefs in making cakes.

    What you can do when you don’t have any previous work experience?

    Don’t worry you can easily replace the work experience in the resume for freshers with other additional and great sections like volunteering work, training, and internships.

    Don’t hesitate to add your volunteering to your resume if you have one like volunteering for charity organizations or even volunteering in working for beginners for free.

    follow the same format of work experience when you add the volunteering section.

    for example:

    volunteer experience:

    Animal Shelter Volunteer, City Animal Rescue
    January 2022 – August 2023

    – Provided daily care for homeless animals, including feeding, walking, and socializing
    – Assisted with adoption processes and community outreach events
    – Increased adoption rates by 15% through social media promotion

    Take the heart of the hiring manager with a resume for freshers degree students containing training or professional courses.

    This section can take you to new heights in the process of hiring because hiring managers prefer fresh graduates with training to be well-prepared for working directly.

    Training and professional development

    Project Management Fundamentals
    Online Course by Udem
    June 2023

    – Gained comprehensive understanding of project management principles and methodologies.
    – Learned essential skills in project planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation.
    – Completed the course with a final score of 95%.

    In this section think about your skills as your jewellery that make you Shine in the eyes of hiring managers.

    To write this section:

    • Consider reading the job description carefully and make note of the required skills.
    • Think about your skills and abilities honestly both your soft skills and hard skills that you have.
    • Tailor your skills to the job description, just add the related skills to the job.

    Write down an appealing skills section in your resume for freshers degree students with a combination of hard skills and soft skills.

    For example:

    • Teamwork
    • Time management
    • Leadership
    • Sel learning 
    • Working under stress
    • Patience
    • MS Office
    • CRM software
    • Language skills

    Additional sections play a great role in the resume for freshers degree, it can add more personalization to your CV.

    in case you finished writing your CV and found empty spaces you can use the additional sections as good fillers to your CV.

    For example: hobbies, interests, certificates, and language skills.

    Your resume for freshers degree students is a picture of you and all your qualifications.

    Make your picture in front of the hiring manager the best picture ever with good organization and layout.

    Pay attention to every detail in your resume for freshers degree students and invest time and effort to have a good appearance of your resume.

    Here are the best practices to do that:

    • Keep white spaces surrounding the CV at a distance of 1 inch from each direction.
    • After each section double space, white spaces are comfortable to the eyes.
    • Make your CV easy to read and scan with a good arrangement of the sections, consider choosing a good resume template.
    • Write with one of the best resume fonts in 2024 like Arial and Times New Roman, with 11-12pt font size.
    • Choose the appropriate format of resume for freshers degree students.
    • Save your resume as a PDF to make sure the format will not change when you send it to the hiring managers. But if your hiring manager prefers to send it in another format then send it as they prefer.

    According to statistics hiring managers receive almost 250 CVs every day, a big number to deal with manually.

    In addition, the hiring managers don’t have enough time to review all that amount of CVs.

    So they depend on AI software to do this mission and filter the CVS according to specific keywords.

    This AI software is called ATS which is the shortening of applicants tracking system.

    In most companies hiring managers have one to help them in the process of recruiting and determining the best CV owners to arrange the next step in the process of hiring which is the interview.

    So, to be noticed by the hiring managers and get a call for an interview your resume for freshers degree students should be an ATS-friendly resume template.

    That’s what resume makers can do easily in minutes.

    Gone are the days of writing a CV section by section with Resume Forrest the best resume builder you can use.

    With Resume Forrest you can build a compelling ATS-beating resume seamlessly and easily.

    Just write down your information and Resume Forrest will take the mission.

    Writing a resume for freshers degree students is an essential part of the journey toward professional life after graduation.

    It’s your key to unlock a lot of great opportunities so make sure to make it as professional as you can.


    • Attention to details: Your CV is your picture pay attention to every detail you add and give a good impression of yourself.
    • Focus on your strengths points: Don’t worry about the experience but the quality, no experience doesn’t mean no skills.
    • Tailor your CV to the job description: Personalize your CV for every job you apply for, don’t send the same resume every time.
    • Proofread: Typos can get you a way of profesionality and cause a big harm to your cv so, review your cv carefully or ask for help from your professional friend.
    • Be at the point: make your CV at the length of 1-2 pages maximum.
    • You can use Resume Forest to craft an ATS-beating resume for freshers degree students as unique as you are.

    Make your move!

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