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Top 7 points of Python developer resume for 2 years experience

Craft your Python developer resume for 2 years experience with our guide to have a compelling resume that can help you land your dream job

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    Python is a great programming language because it allows you to do a lot of different things and that made you fall in love with it, but you can’t express that passion in words, so Resume Forrest will help you to write your Python developer resume for 2 years experience like a Python script.

    In this guide, we will provide you with industry-specific tips on how to create the best Python developer resume, so follow our tips.

    In this guide, we will discuss:

    • How to format a Python developer resume for 2 years experience?
    • How to write your Python developer resume for 2 years experience?
    • Python developer resume samples
    • Tips For Python developer resume for 2 years experience

    How to format a Python developer resume for 2 years experience?

    Formatting a resume for python developer is crucial for passing the ATS check, so you need to follow certain steps especially if you don’t have a lot of experience that can solidify your resume, follow these steps for an effective format:

    • Your resume needs to be clear and concise. Hiring managers won’t waste their time looking at your resume if they can’t understand what you’re trying to say.
    • Choose a clean and easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman, Serifs, or sans-serifs, and Arial.
    • Make sure your resume header includes your personal information and professional profiles such as Kaggle and GitHub profiles.
    • Describe how you’ve used Python developer skills by Including examples of the work you’ve done and the projects you worked on.
    • Choose a stylish but not overly colorful design.
    • Select the reverse chronology resume format or functional resume format, your choice is based on your experience. The reverse format is for those with experience and the functional is the perfect choice for those with no experience. 

    By applying these steps, you will build an effective Python developer resume for 2 years experience. Use our CV Optimizer to make sure you are on the right track or make it easier by using our Resume Builder For Free.

    How to write your Python developer resume for 2 years experience?

    There are a few sections you need to highlight in your Python developer resume for 2 years experience. After writing the header, you need to know how to write the other sections to craft a compelling CV:

    1- Python developer resume summary/objective

    In your case objective is the best option because you don’t have a lot of experience, so write objectives that show your passion and skills.

    Know how to write a python developer resume

    2- Academic background

    Your education section should be written in a short paragraph and to the point especially if you have experience, but if you don’t have enough experience then it’s an opportunity to highlight your relevant academic credentials and any specialized training or certification you’ve earned. 

    Learn how to craft a python backend developer resume

    3- Certifications 

    Having a job-related certification shows you’re committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends. That shows you always seek to demonstrate that you’ve consistently honed your skills.

    Know how to build a java developer with python resume

    4- Python experience resume

    In the resume experience section, elaborate on what you have accomplished so far as a Python developer. Focus on highlighting your career achievements including the projects you worked on.

    Read the job description carefully and look for Python developer resume for 2 years experience keywords. These keywords usually refer to specific skills, tools, and knowledge you need to have. If you do not have experience with any of the libraries or frameworks listed in the job ad, you need to do that:

    • Demonstrate how quickly you can pick up new tools due to your strong Python foundational knowledge.
    • list similar libraries in which you have proficiency and don’t forget to show related projects you have done.

    Use online resume builder for software developer

    5- Skills And Keywords for a python developer resume for 2 years experience

    Make sure to include a good number of hard skills that demonstrate your ability to do a good job in the role. This will increase your chances of passing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and let recruiters know that you have the skills needed to do the job. 

    The job description will list the skills that a role is looking for, and you can include those in your resume. Don’t forget to mention them in your experience as well. For example, mention how you developed and built applications using Django, Python (the programming language), Flask, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSS, JavaScript, Git, HTML Machine Learning, MongoDB, Pandas (software), SQL, and Linux. You can also add data science products, such as Docker, as well as back-end web development Java.

    6- Action Verbs to use in python developer resume for 2 years experience

    Your Python developer resume for 2 years experience will attract a recruiter’s attention when you emphasize accomplishments by starting with powerful action verbs that relate to Python developers work.

    You need to highlight your skills by using action verbs such as designed or developed within your experience. Don’t use the same action verb too many times. Different action verbs help your experience and accomplishments stand out.

    The most common action verbs you can use are engineered, improved, developed, steered implemented, created, increased, Predicted, and architected.

    7- Python resume points

    This is the best way to describe your achievements as points, especially If you’re writing a Python Developer resume. Here are some examples of what you could include in your Python developer resume for 2 years experience:

    1. Revamp the company’s website by 60% in graphics usage and 99% in mobile responsiveness.
    2. Increase leads by 60% through email capture forms.
    3. Reduce bounce rates by 25%.
    4. Enable automation of repetitive process flows by 3 business analysts using Excel Macro / VBA.
    5. Reduce analysis time by more than 10 hours per week.
    6. Develop a Python-based web scraping program to download public data for the firm. Enrich internal data and increase research efficiency by more than 55%.
    7. Enables integration with systems by creating a tool to extract metadata from images. Provide metadata to system-wide Search Database.
    8. Generate 28,000 Sample Portfolios.

    After following these steps and writing these sections, you can use our AI Resume Optimizer or Resume Checker Online Free.

    Python developer resume sample

    If you are looking for a python developer resume examples to follow to craft your own, use this resume, as it perfect for you and for junior python developer resume:

    Alex Tate

    Python Developer | Data Specialist
    Phone Number:
    Email Address: alextate@rusumeforrest.com
    Linkedin: xxxxxxxxxx
    Address: City, State


    I am a passionate Python Developer with 2 years of experience working with HTML, JavaScript and web development. I am looking for a challenge to use my skills in fetching and cleansing data in addition to building APIs, web crawling, and more.  To grow in the data science field.


    Junior Python Developer
    Company Name, Duration

    I have worked on various web development projects with a focus on fetching and cleansing of data.

    – Increased web efficiency by 35% by developing many Python scripts for different Web scraping
    – Cooperate with other team members to build APIs to automate data flow.
    – Stored many extracted data into SQL/No SQL data store.

    Web Developer
    Company Name, Duration

    I have gained Python skills while working on the projects using many different programming language such as HTML and JavaScript

    – Increased web customer interaction by 45% by creating interactive websites
    – Improved different web page efficiency using java script functions.
    – Automation of many tasks of HTML and CSS that results in decreased production time by 30%


    – Master of Science in Computer Science
    University Name, Date, City


    – Python for Data Science, date
    – Data Structures and Algorithms, date


    – HTML
    – Angular JS
    – JavaScript
    – CSS 
    – MySQL
    – ORM Libraries
    – Software Development
    – Agile frameworks
    – Communication skills
    – Time management skills

    Tips For python developer resume for 2 years experience

    Resume Forrest experts will provide you with the best Tips For Python Developer Resumes, these tips will help you build a compelling Python developer resume for 2 years experience:

    1. Your resume should be tailored to the role, highlighting your expertise in Python.
    2. Highlighting the job-relevant skills and achievements that match the role
    3. Present a balanced skill set that includes both technical skills and soft skills.
    4. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your colleagues, so show your communication skills.
    5. If you are a Python Developer, you should also have a good understanding of Front-end technologies. 
    6. Additionally, you should have a good knowledge of Python libraries, as these libraries are often used for various applications such as Data Analysis and Visualization.

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