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What are personal details in resume for freshers with examples

for a wining resume, learn what type of personal details in resume for freshers you should include with our guide

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    When writing a resume as a fresher, it is important to include the necessary information about your skills and education. However, in addition to professional details, personal information on cv can also be equally important. Understanding what personal details in resume for freshers to include and where to place it will enable you to write an amazing resume.

    This article mainly examines why you should have personal details in cv; where they may be located and which data could be left out from this part.

    Why Include personal details in resume for freshers?

    If you are asking, is personal information needed in resume? Then you should know that Including personal details in resume for freshers makes it easier for the person evaluating the CVs to contact you without much effort. Normally, employers will shortlist their preferred resumes before contacting potential employees for an interview.

    Therefore, if there are several other CVs of applicants with similar qualifications as yours available for consideration by a prospective employer then having your CV with personal information displayed right makes contacting you easier.

    In addition, many organizations keep databases of qualified candidates. It makes sense if additional content like this listed on one’s application assists them in considering that individual for any future job openings.

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    What to Include in personal details in resume for freshers? 

    Below are some personal info cv you can consider when adding personal details in resume for freshers:

    1-Your Name

    This is part of personal details in resume for freshers that generally placed at the top of your resume and should be written using a larger font than any other text on the page. To ensure it is readable, use fonts such as Calibri, Times New Roman or Verdana. As long as your name looks good, it can be in any other color apart from the rest of the words.

    Your First and Last Name

    Unless one has really long names with more than one middle name that won’t fit well without ruining presentation, always include both first and last names on as part of personal details in resume for freshers. If that is not possible, you may just decide to write your first name followed by an initial or several initials.

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    2- Your Phone Number

    The phone number is essential among many contact details mentioned in your resume. This is because hiring managers need it for calling if they like your profile and feel that it suits their job description. Thus you need to make sure that they can easily find it when required.

    Beneath the name or address, you may fill in your number in a standard font size of either 10 or 12. It is better to include a mobile number here that a hiring manager can reach you through instantly than a landline one. If applying for an Indian job, only your ten-digit mobile phone number should be written without the country code.

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    3- Your Place of residence

    This information is optional and can be placed after the telephone contacts and email addresses, if at all. The complete address such as apartment building and block need not be indicated here. 

    Therefore, just indicating the town and country or state of residence may suffice. In addition, people applying for jobs from other cities may also have their locations specified by companies.

    4- Your Email Address 

    Recruiters often send out emails to applicants before scheduling formal interviews on agreed dates and times. Always use an active email where you frequently check for any crucial e-correspondence.

    Furthermore, if you are sending your CV via email it is also possible to hyperlink it so that when clicked it creates an interactive link with your resume attached.

    Always ensure that your email address sounds professional and is easily associable with you. Avoid pseudonyms or any nickname that does not resemble your name in reality. You may add a few numbers or characters to the name if your full name is not available, but avoid anything like this:

    • animelover@email.com
    • beautifulflower@email.com
    • ironman@email.com

    How To Put Personal Details In Resume For Freshers?

    The placement of personal details on a resume is just as important as their presentation. Usually, the first thing you would see on your resume is your name written in large bold letters at the top of the page. 

    Then, you can put down your personal details in a smaller font size immediately below that. There are also some types of resumes whereby all these relevant information will be packed together in one separate block.

    Ensure that the information provided is easy to read and avoid using curly fonts which are difficult to read. Remember this is a call-to-action for an employer after he/she sees you as a good candidate for employment. Highlight such words as ‘Phone’ and ‘Email’ by making them appear bold so that these contact details do not get lost among others when an employer needs them.

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    What Details to exclude from Your Personal Details In Resume For Freshers?

    Know adding personal information to a resume is appropriate way to make it easier for potential employers to contact you, but there are Some of the personal details that you may avoid mentioning in your resume are:

    • Your Nationality
    • Your Date and place of birth
    • Your Family demographics like marriage status and children
    • Your Religious
    • Your Sexual orientation
    • Your Medical conditions.
    • Your Driving license information.

    Please note that this is a general guideline and it does not always apply in all cases. You may add some of this information if it was required in the job ad. If a company needs such details, it will ask them from you. In other words, over time acceptable contents on CVs have changed too.

    What Personal Details To Add In Resumes For Different Jobs?

    If you are not sure about specific personal details that would go into your resume, then consider understanding the nature of jobs available at companies in your industry. For instance, find out about industry best practices and refer to some resumes from successful candidates within that sector or role so as to get a better understanding of what personal details in resume for freshers should be included.

    For example, despite exclusion of information regarding one’s nationality or marital status being common among most job positions, some exceptions of personal details in resume for freshers exist which include:


    This would be important part of personal details in resume for freshers in the application for a government or private sector job where only citizens of a particular country can apply. For instance, passport details may be required by some aviation jobs, especially pilot jobs.

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    Height and weight

    Aviation jobs also require your basic measurements like height and weight since physical requirements are strictly enforced. The company’s employees must observe minimum height and ideal weight range.

    Date of birth

    There are those that have age as an entry requirement such as certain jobs in the government. That’s when you may need to add your date of birth to show that you meet the job’s requirements.

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    Marital status

    In some professions, mainly military or armed forces occupations, recruits are not allowed to get married within a given period after they join.

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    Unless it is stated otherwise by the employer, one does not need to attach their photo on their CV. Pictures may be important when applying for theater roles acting modeling or cabin crew staff.

    Personal details in resume examples

    If you are looking for personal details example to know how to write this section correctly, here are some example of personal information in resume:

    Personal details example 1

    Full Name: first and last name
    Address: town, country
    Contact Number: xxxxxx
    Email Id: name@email.com
    LinkedIn URL: optional 

    Personal info in resume sample 2

    Full name: Name
    Public Address: 456 Oak Road, Somewhereville, TX 67890 
    Phone number: (555) 123-4567 
    Email address: name@provider.com 
    Website link: Name.com 
    Date of birth: January 1, 1985. 
    Nationality status in the country United States is denoted as United States Citizen.

    Personal information in resume example 3

    This is a Brief personal section you can follow:

    Name- Sarah Williams; Contacts- swilliams@email.net | (123) 456-7890 | linkedin.com/in/sarahwilliams

    Wrap up

    The key things to include in the personal details in resume for freshers are your name, contact details (phone, email, LinkedIn), and potentially your address. You can choose to include additional details like date of birth or nationality, but these are usually optional unless specifically requested. 

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