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7 step guide for a junior frontend developer cv with tips

follow this 7 steps detailed guide to craft an friendly ATS junior frontend developer cv to land your dream job.

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    Do you need to build a junior frontend developer cv but don’t know how? Worry no more because at Resume Forrest we have the complete guide with well-elaborated steps on how to make a CV as well as an example for Front-end Developer CV which you can use to write yours

    Our guide will help you come up with an efficient front-end developer resume that can beat any ATS checker and grant you an interview.

    The best Format for a Junior front end Developer CV

    The best way to format your junior frontend developer cv is making it clear. In order for this to happen, there are some things you should do to create a compelling junior front-end developer cv template word:

    • Create a blank word document to fill your personal information.
    • Ensure the whole document is formatted uniformly.
    • Pick a professional font size and style.
    • Make your resume more readable and accessible.
    • Make sure section headings are easy-to-find so hiring managers don’t miss them.
    • Use bullets instead of long paragraphs that will enable better understanding of ideas being communicated across.

    Additionally, in your junior frontend developer cv, You must also include your achievements along with your technical skills and soft skills, in order to demonstrate what you know about programming.

    After following these steps, you can follow our detailed guide to know how to write a junior front end developer cv in detail.

    How to write a junior frontend developer cv?

    Getting to write a resume for a junior front end developer resume can be a bit tough, but there are some things you can do to make your resume outstanding.

    Here are some tips that will help you write an effective junior frontend developer cv:

    1- Put your personal information

    This is the first heading on your junior frontend developer cv, you start with your name at the top followed by your contact details such as address, telephone number and email.

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    2- Write a resume front end developer objective

    Objectives are highly recommended for juniors in order to demonstrate that you are perfect for the job. consider highlighting all your skills whether hard or soft ones since at this stage of your career it is not possible to write any summary front-end developer showing experience, because you don’t have much.

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    3- Emphasize your skills

    Even if you don’t have direct experience or little experience as a junior, you may still have transferable skill sets within the field. For instance, perhaps you are skilled in HTML coding, CSS coding, JavaScript coding or other programming languages. 

    Every one of these skills needs to be brought into focus most especially when constructing a Junior front end developer cv with no experience.

    Know how to craft a Front end Developer resume with no experience

    4- Write a junior front end dev resume experience section

    Writing a junior junior frontend developer cv work history can be difficult, since you don’t have much experience or even none at all, but it is important to add the job responsibilities and your internship or project tasks that will give value to your Junior front end developer cv.

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    5- Showcase your projects 

    This section should stand out primarily in situations where you have no experience because it’s proof of what you can do.

    Use this section in the resume for front end developer to indicate the experience with coding as well as design tools through relevant projects completed at school or within one of previous positions as long as they are frontend related. 

    It is necessary to Describe what you were doing in these projects and how did your impact in such projects till there came an outcome.

    6- Highlight your education

    This is where you get an opportunity to showcase such technical skills via your academic degree in a field related like computer science for instance.

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    7- Mention your certifications

    If there are any other certifications or courses that are relevant include them, they also make your junior frontend developer cv more appealing.

    Following our 7 step guide will be a great help in crafting your resume. To make sure that you are on the right track use our cv optimizer.

    Junior frontend developer cv sample

    To make it easier for you to create your own cv front end developer, follow this Junior front end developer cv template:

    Front-end developer resume sample

    Email Address 
    A junior frontend developer with passion for web development with two years of experience and proven recorded track of my skills in developing applications and resolving issues to enhance website designs.


    Junior Front End Developer |Company | Date

    Involved in building responsive web applications for clients with a team of developers.
    Improving clients’ websites usability by adding meaningful UI/UX design features.
    Testing features for bugs and using debugging tools to fix them.
    Automated test frameworks testing web services using different automated tests frameworks.
    Meeting with design teams and writing code based on their design requirements.

    Junior Front End Developer | Company | Date

    The web issues of the clients were analyzed and addressed immediately
    Troubleshooted backend developers in terms of support
    Used front end developers’ team to develop code that can be used again


    Responsive internet creation | Communication | Problem resolving | Time keeping | Testing and debugging | Relationship building | Knowledge of test plans | Coding proficiency Creativity | Web standards | Adaptability Knowledge of server technologies.

    Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Brookline University

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    Secrets for crafting a junior frontend developer cv

    Here are some Front-End Developer Resume Secrets, which will make your resume stand out from others and pass the ATS Resume Checker:

    • Emphasizing hard skills and how they influenced projects worked on.
    • Demonstrating the ability to solve problems so as to enable employers to understand that an applicant can cope with difficulties faced in the office.
    • Keying on soft skills, especially those associated with the position.
    • Displaying most important projects and their consequences.
    • Express your passion for your field of interest, and show a keenness to continuously learn and improve on it.
    • Use explicit action verbs that apply directly to the role you intend to fill
    • Ensure you have different CVs aligned with job descriptions for each application made

    By following these steps and pieces of advice, you will be guaranteed an interview leading towards getting a dream job.

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