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Real junior front end developer cv example in 2024 with tips

Unlock The Strategy To Develop An Outstanding Resume And Use Our junior Front End Developer CV Example To Craft Your Own.

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    Do you want to craft a junior front end developer resume and don’t know how? Don’t worry here in Resume Forrest we will provide you with a full guide with clear steps to build your resume in addition to a junior front end developer cv example that you can follow to craft your own.

    Our guide will help you craft an effective front-end developer resume that can pass any ATS checker and secure you an interview.

    What we will discuss in our article:

    • Formatting a Junior Frontend Developer resume
    • How do I write a CV for a front-end developer?
    • junior front end developer cv example
    • Tips for writing a junior front end developer resume

    Formatting a Junior Frontend Developer resume

    The most effective way to format your junior frontend developer resume is to make it clear, to do that you need to follow our tips and recommendations on how to format a junior frontend developer resume: 

    • Make sure your resume is formatted in a consistent way throughout the entire document.
    • Choose a professional font size and type.
    • make your resume easier to read and easier to navigate.
    • Write Clear Section Headings that make it easier for hiring managers to find what they’re looking for.
    • Use bullet points that help break up large paragraphs into clear points.

    In your junior front end developer cv example, You also need to highlight your technical skills and soft skills with your achievements to show your experience and give hiring managers an idea of your skills.

    In addition to these steps, you need to know how to write a junior front end developer cv example in detail.

    How do I write a CV for a front-end developer?

    Writing a junior front end developer resume can be difficult, but there are steps you can take to help your resume stand out from the crowd.

    Here are a few tips to help you write an effective junior front end developer cv example: 

    Start with your personal information

    This is the first header of your junior front end developer cv example, you strat with your name at the top followed by your contact information such as your address, phone number, and email address.

    Junior front-end developer objective

    As a junior, objectives are the best way to showcase that you are a perfect candidate for the position, you need to highlight your skills whether hard or soft ones, as you don’t have the experience to write a summary statement to show your experience.

    Emphasize your skills

    Even if you don’t have direct experience, you probably have transferable skills in the field that are valuable. For example, you may have proficiency in HTML coding, CSS coding, JavaScript coding, or other programming languages. All of These skills need to be highlighted especially if you are writing a Junior front end developer cv with no experience.

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    Writing a junior front-end developer resume experience may be challenging, because you have a little experience or no experience at all, but adding the job responsibilities and the tasks you worked on in your projects or your internship that will add value to your Junior front end developer cv.

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    This section must be highlighted especially if you don’t have any experience, it can be used as proof of what you can achieve.

    Use this section in your junior front end developer cv example to show that you have experience with coding and design tools through the relevant projects you’ve worked on in school or in one of your previous roles that are frontend related. It’s important to Explain what your role was in these projects and how your contributions impacted the final outcome.


    This is your opportunity to showcase your technical skills through your academic degree in a relevant field, such as computer science.

    If you have any related certification or courses, be sure to include it, it will add value to your junior front end developer cv example.

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    How to write a front-end developer resume without experience?

    All you need to do is follow the previous steps, but you need to change the order of these sections. After writing your objectives put your education next especially if it is related, then your skills and finally your projects.

    In a Junior front end developer cv with no experience, the experience section isn’t very important, but add it at the end if you already have some experience through internship.

    It’s important to tailor your junior front end developer cv example to align with each job you apply for. You need to add the relevant skills and experiences to the position. And use our AI Resume Optimizer to make sure that you crafted a professional resume.

    Junior front end developer cv example

    Following a Front-end Developer CV template will make it easier for you to craft your own, so here a Junior front end developer cv template that you can use:

    Lylian Moore 
    Email: lylian@moore.com
    Phone Number: (243) xxx-xxxx
    Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/lylian-moore


    Detail oriented and passionate junior front-end developer proficient in different coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML. seeking an opportunity to join a dynamic team to emphasize my skill and add value to the company.


    Junior Front End Developer, Company name, Date

    – Created an easy-to-use website that Increased user engagement by 30%.
    – Increased conversion rates by 20% by developing  A/B testing .
    – Increased the company’s website speed by 15% by testing and fixing the company web page.

    Intern, Web Developer, Company name, Date 

    – Performed and created a responsive design that resulted in a 25% increase in mobile usability.
    – Improved my skills in coding languages such HTML, CSS  and JavaScript this helped me launch two of the customer’s new websites.
    – Worked with a group of developers to troubleshoot and resolve issues with the website, resulting in a 30% decrease in site crashes.


    – HTML
    – CSS
    – JavaScript
    – Java
    – C++
     – PHP
    – Photoshop
    – AngularJS
    – Web Testing
    – UX/UI Design
    – problem-solving
    – Communication skills. 
    – Time management.

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Date, University Name

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    Tips for writing a junior front end developer resume

    To craft a resume that can surpass other applicant and pass the ATS Resume Checker, you need to follow our experts tips, that include:

    • Highlighting your hard skills and its effect on the projects you worked on.
    • Showcase your ability of problem-solving, that will show your potential employer that you can deal with the challenges you face.
    • Highlight your soft skills, especially those related to the position.
    • Showcase your projects and its impact.
    • Show your enthusiasm for the field and your continuous desire to learn and improve.
    • Use specific and certain action verbs that are relevant to the role you applying for.
    • Make sure to build a CV for each role you apply for that align with the job description.

    Following these steps and tips will grantee you an interview to land the position you dream of.

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