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Top 17 points For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

Get a grip of the best tips of a java developer resume 2 years experience to secure an interview for your dream job.

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    Being a Java developer with 2 years of experience and looking for a new opportunity means that you need a strong resume to superpass the other applicants. Resume Forrest will provide you with the best tricks for a compelling Java developer resume 2 years experience.

    Follow our guide to build a stand-out Java developer CV that can secure you the interview and land your dream job.

     What we will discuss in this article:

    • Top 17 Points For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience
    • Java Developer Resume Samples

    Top 17 Points For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    Building a compelling Java developer resume is the best way to show your potential employer that you are a perfect fit for the position. There are Java 17 resume points you need to focus on while writing your resume to pass the ATS Resume Checker, these points are:

    1- Layout 

    You have to use a clean layout with a professional font and perfect font size that may be between 10 to 12 points, you can make your font size 14 points only for headers.

    2- Format For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    There are 3 types of formats that would be perfect for a Java developer resume 2 years of experience, which include reverse-chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid formats.

    Choose one of those based on what you want to showcase. If you want to showcase your previous work experiences, the reverse-chronological format would be the right choice, but if you want to highlight your skills at the beginning, use the functional format. If you want to make a balance between both, use the hybrid format.

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    3- Contact information

    This section must include your full name, your contact, and personal information which includes your email address, phone number, address, website link, and your LinkedIn account if available.

    4- The title (Headline)

    It is a specific phrase stating your relevance to the job offer, it is usually written beneath your name and above the contact information. Your name should be at the top of the Java developer CV.

    5- Java developer resume objective

    It is a section that summarizes your technical skills to highlight that you are a candidate for the position. Your objective needs to showcase your goals that align with the job responsibilities. 

    The Objective is perfect for a Java developer 2 years experience resume and for those with no experience at all.

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    6-  Summary For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    If you are an experienced Java developer, it is preferred to write a summary statement instead of a resume objective. 

    It is usually used to show your previous achievements in a similar role and to focus on the responsibilities you used to do.

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    7- Java experience resume

    This is the most important section of your resume, it should be crafted perfectly in a professional way. You should mention every position you occupied and describe each of them in 4 or 5 sentences as bullet points.

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    8- Hard Skills For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    Your hard skills are the most important section in your resume, it shows how talented you are.These skills show that you are capable of doing this job. You should also focus on the skills mentioned in the job description and what you have.

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    9- Soft Skills

    Your soft skills are no less important than your hard ones, they show that your personality and attitude are a good fit to work individually or with a team.

    10- Achievements For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    You can include the achievements you made in your previous role but only focus on relevant ones. These achievements help you to show that you are a dedicated and passionate Java developer.

    11- Education Section

    This section should include your latest academic degree, this helps to show that you have the required technical skills.

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    12- Certifications 

    In a competitive field like programming, you need to keep learning to show your dedication to your work. The best way to highlight that is continuous studying through courses, your certifications are proof of your hard work.

    13- Action Verbs For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    Using some verbs in your resume helps you pass the ATS checker and showcase your skills, Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience verbs include:

    • manage
    • Program
    • Improve
    • Resolve
    • own
    • Design
    • Analyze
    • Eliminate
    • Coordinate
    • Organize 

    14- Keywords for A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    Mostly you need to focus on the keywords related to your hard skills, these keywords include:

    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • SQL
    • Spring Framework
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Hibernate

    15- Projects 

    This section would be important if you are an entry-level Java developer or if you don’t have much experience. So this section isn’t very important in a Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience.

    16- Using Bullet Points

    Using bullet points helps you to keep your resume concise and clean, make sure every point is simple and contains an active verb.

    17- Resume length For A Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience

    You should write all of your skills, experience, and important information in two pages only. Focus on highlighting the important and relevant information only.

    Following these points will help you to craft an effective CV for Java developer, you can use our AI Resume Optimizer to make sure that you built a perfect CV or use our Resume Checker Online Free.

    Java Developer Resume Samples

    Use resume builder 2024 to craft different Java resumes samples, or choose a resume from those Java Developer Resume Examples:

    java developer resume 2 years experience sample

    Martin Hamilton 

    JR. java developer

    Phone number:
    Email address:
    Website link:


    Java developer with 2 years of experience in Project Development analysis, implementation, designing, and application maintenance. Worked on different projects such as Healthcare and Retail with great time management skills to deliver every project on time.

    Work Experience

    Java Developer, Company Name, Date

    – Improving both user interfaces and user experience
    – Using the framework, HTML, and JSP to design user interfaces.
    – Created more than 5 system trackers.
    – Designing Java web application.
    – Reducing response time and improving the performance of many mobile applications.
    – Developed different automation tests.

    Entry- Level Java Developer, Company Name, month/year – month/year

    – Cooperated with other team members to improve both user interface and user Experience for client’s website. 
    – Improved page views and traffic for a client’s website.


    – JavaScript.
    – Java Beans
    – MySQL
    – Hibernate
    – AVA
    – PL/SQL
    – CSS
    – JSP
    – J2EE
    – Agile
    – Spring Boot
    – JDBC


    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University, Date

    2 years experience Java backend Developer resume

    Katherine kengisly

    Java backend Developer

    Phone number:
    Email address:


    Jr. Java backend Developer with 2 years of experience in building web applications with great knowledge of Python and PostgreSQL. Passionate about my career as a Java backend Developer and a team player who managed to collaborate with front-end developers to deliver products on time.


    Company Name, city, 03/2023 – Present 
    Java Backend Developer

    – Optimized server efficiency by 85% by Developing an algorithm that managed to reduce API response time.
    – Developed more than 18 Java backend applications that helped in improving user experience.
    – Troubleshot and resolved bugs and issues, that reduced customer complaints by 20%
    – Implemented a Spring Framework-based solution

    Software Developer (Java)
    2/2022 – 3/2023, company name

    – Optimized application performance by 70%.
    – Increased productivity of users by designing applications.
    – Utilized coding process and increases IT team productivity by 70% 


    – Java Backend Development
    – Jenkins
    – Spring Security
    – Spring Framework
    – Maven
    – Java Server Pages
    – Bug Fixing & Resolving Issues
    – Team Collaboration & Support


    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University Name, Date

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    Crafting a compelling Java Developer Resume 2 Years Experience isn’t an easy task, but following the points we mentioned will help you to build an effective resume to be able to pass any ATS checker and secure you an interview. 

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