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how to write a resume for internship with no experience

learn how to write a resume for internship with no experience and how to format your resume with best layout that gets you the internship.

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    How do I write a resume for an internship with no experience? the common question among fresh graduate students.

    Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the professional life where a resume is the key to everything.

    There is no way to craft a resume, even if you are a fresh graduate who doesn’t have any experience.

    Here is a quick guide on how to write a resume for internship with no experience step by step.

    In this article we will answer your questions about:

    • How to write resume for internship with no experience?
    • Which resume format is best for internship?
    • What is a good summary for a resume for an internship?
    • how to compensate for the presence of work experience in resume?

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    Before thinking about how to write a resume for internship with no experience you should choose a good resume format and learn more about the best practices to get a perfect layout and appearance for your resume.

    So, how to write a resume for internship with no experience in perfect layout and appearance?

    The process begins very early starting from choosing the resume template to the writing and choosing the fonts.

    The resume template: choose an ATS-friendly resume template to make it easy to scan for ATS systems.

    The general appearance: leave the indent at a length of 1 inch from every direction and double space between the sections in your CV to enhance the readability of your resume, also organizing makes it look neat and clean.

    The writing fonts: use one of the best resume fonts in 2024 such as Arial and Helvetica fonts also Times New Roman is good.

    The resume format: consider using one of the best resume formats 2024 to arrange your work experience or any work you have.

    For instance, reverse chronological format and the functional format. we will talk about the resume formatting in more detail later.

    The saving extension: after writing your CV for freshers remember to save it in the PDF format before sending it to the hiring managers, or save it in their preferred extension whether it is PDF, DOCX, etc.

    formatting your resume is about arranging your work experience and skills, in order to do that there are different types of resume formats:

    • The reverse chronological order format.
    • The functional format.
    • The combination format.

    It’s obvious from its name that you will start arranging your resume according to the work experience dates, starting from the newest to the oldest ones.

    It’s the most loved and common format among hiring managers.

    Use this format when you have a previous work experience to add to your resume.

    Is most common between fresh graduates and those who are shifting careers and have previous work experience but not related to the desired job.

    The functional format allows the candidates to showcase their resumes according to the skills gained from their educational background and work experience.

    Formatting your resume according to the combination format allows you to combine the advantages of the reverse chronological format and the functional format.

    Before diving more into how to write a resume for internship with no experience you should know that choosing the appropriate resume format is according to your qualifications and the information you want to share with the hiring managers.

    your resume formatting and layout can be good weapons to consider your resume and make the hiring manager read it.

    let’s dig deeper into how to write a resume for internship with no experience and impress the hiring managers.

    Starting your career journey with an internship is a perfect step to jump-start into professional life and go forward to your dream job well-equipped with the job requirements.

    But how to acquire a chance for an internship and stand out among other applicants with good resumes here we are.

    The key components of a resume for an internship are:

    • The resume header.
    • The resume profile.
    • The educational background section.
    • Professional course and certificates.
    • Volunteering work.
    • extracurricular activities.
    • Projects.
    • Hard and soft skills.
    • Other additional sections like hobbies, interests, and language skills.

    The first thing towards learning how to write a resume for internship with no experience is knowing how to write your resume header.

    The resume header is the top section of your CV where you add:

    • Your name: make your name clear at the top of your resume with big and bold appropriate font.
    • The job title: in our case, the job title is the name of the internship you are writing the resume for
    • Contact details: include your contact details such as your phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile link, and the get hub link or any other portfolio link you have.
    • Your address: when it is a local job opportunity that requires working on-site it’s preferred to add your address.

    For example:

    John Lewis
    Marketing intern

    Phone: …
    Email address: johnlewis@…com
    LinkedIn profile link: linkedin/johnlewis
    Address: Brooklyn-new york

    The second step in how to write a resume for internship with no experience is having an impressive resume profile.

    In case you have previous work experience that part is called Resume summary, when you don’t have any previous experience write it as a resume objective.

    The resume profile is your big chance to persuade the hiring managers and get the job.

    You only have about six seconds to give the hiring managers a reason to hire you.

    Include an overview about you, your skills and passion that can add value to the organization and what are your desired goals from the internship.

    For example: 

    Resume objective

    Organized and hard–business and marketing graduate. looking to join a startup in New York as a marketing assistant or intern. looking to take advantage of my skills and knowledge in digital marketing and PR to help XYZ Inc. with their marketing efforts.
    Resume objective
    Highly motivated and results-oriented fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Science in communication engineering with a passion for programming. Experienced in Android development and web development, eager to contribute to the Ministry of Communications’s programming internship by applying knowledge in programming and gaining valuable industry experience.

    The third part of how to write a resume for internship with no experience is about mentioning your educational background.

    The education can be the center of cv for fresh graduates with no experience, it gives the recruiters an imagination about your qualifications and the knowledge they can gain from hiring you.

    Open this section with your degree name and in which field followed by the graduation date or the expected graduation date in case you are still studying.

    Don’t hesitate to add the relevant coursework.

    for example:


    Bachelor of Science in Marketing
    01-2019 – 06-2023Relevant

    Coursework: Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Social Media Marketing

    Work experience is a vital part of your resume that hiring managers are looking for.

    In most cases, fresh graduates don’t have previous work experience but in case you have one add it as the following:

    Begin with the title of your position then the company name.

    Write the dates of work and consider arranging your work history in reverse chronological order.

    For every job, the responsibilities and tasks you did and the achievements you have got then in bullet points list your achievements.

    Start writing every achievement with action verbs like created, helped, collaborated, and organized.

    For example: 

    work Experience

    Marketing Intern

    BrandBoost, Seattle, WA 
    June 2023 – August 2023 (Summer Internship)

    -Developed and executed a social media campaign for BrandBoost’s new line of eco-friendly cleaning products, increasing brand awareness by 15% and website traffic by 20%.
    -Assisted with email marketing campaigns, achieving a 10% conversion rate and generating leads for the sales team.
    -Analyzed marketing data using Google Analytics and Sprout Social to identify trends and improve campaign performance, leading to a 5% increase in customer engagement.

    How to write a resume for internship with no experience?

    When you don’t have any work history you can ignore the work experience section and replace it with sections such as volunteering work experience, courses and certificates, projects, and extracurricular activities.

    In addition, you can other additional sections like hobbies, interests, and language skills which is very beneficial when you are wondering how to write a resume for internship with no experience and how to compensate for that gap in the internship resume.

    How do those sections appear in the resume:

    volunteering work

    Volunteer Marketing Consultant
    Seattle Humane Society, Seattle, WA
    September 2022 – Present

    – Developed a marketing plan for the organization’s annual fundraising gala, resulting in a 30% increase in donations and record attendance.
    – Created and managed engaging social media content for the shelter animals, increasing follower engagement by 25% and adoption rates by 10%.
    – Designed and produced eye-catching posters and flyers for local businesses and events, raising awareness of the shelter’s mission.

    Courses & Certificates

    Google Digital Marketing Essentials, Google Ads Academy | July 2023
    Social Media Marketing Specialization, Coursera | May 2023
    Content Marketing Fundamentals, HubSpot Academy | January 2023


    -Personal Blog: The Eco-Conscious Marketer Launched and maintained a blog about sustainable marketing practices, gaining over 500 followers and achieving consistent engagement with readers.
    -Freelance Content Writing Provided high-quality articles and blog posts on various marketing topics for clients like small businesses and online publications.
    -University Project: Marketing Campaign for Local Bakery Developed and implemented a targeted social media campaign for a local bakery, resulting in a 12% increase in sales and new customer acquisition.

    Extracurricular Activities

    -President, Seattle University Marketing Club Led a team of 15 students in organizing workshops, events, and networking opportunities related to marketing and advertising.

    -Member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Recognized for academic excellence and commitment to community service.

    -Volunteer Tutor Provided academic support to high school students in English and creative writing at the Seattle Public Library’s after-school program.

    Hobbies & Interests

    -Traveling to new destinations and capturing their beauty through photography.
    -Playing the guitar and composing original music in her free time.
    -Learning new languages (currently proficient in Spanish) and expanding her cultural horizons.
    -Actively involved in local environmental initiatives like beach cleanups and tree planting projects.

    The core of how to write a resume for internship with no experience is showcasing your skills.

    Don’t have previous work experience doesn’t mean you don’t have skills.

    Review the internship description and think about your skills gained from the education period, courses, and other relevant work experience.

    Make a list of your skills combining the technical skills and soft skills.

    Don’t add all your skills just add the related skills for the job for instance when you are writing a CV for hotel job with no experience but have worked in other related fields such as housekeeping or customer service there are common skills like teamwork, handling customers and working under stress.

    Example in CV template


    SkillsTechnical Skills:
    Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Copywriting

    Soft Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Analytical Thinking, Time Management, Adaptability

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    Do you need a good resume for an internship?

    Now you have great knowledge of how to write a resume for internship with no experience that turns your resume from a blank page to a landing page and ensures you the internship.

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