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Housekeeping Resume With No Experience |Tips & Examples

Craft a compelling housekeeping resume with no experience, impress the hiring managers and acquire your first job in the hospitality industry.

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    Having your first job as a housekeeper seems impossible to you, as you don’t have any prior experience, there is no need to worry.

    Here in Resume Forrest, you will find the ultimate guide for crafting your Housekeeping resume with no experience needed, and we will help you showcase your skills and potential so you can get your first interview.

    What we will cover:

    • What is the best format for a housekeeping resume with no experience?
    • How to write a Housekeeping resume with no experience?
    • Housekeeping resume examples
    • Hotel housekeeping CV sample
    • Resume Forrest tips for outstanding housekeeping resume with no experience

    It’s very crucial to choose the right housekeeping CV format for your first resume, especially if you are a fresh graduate and don’t have any experience, but with a few steps you can build an amazing Housekeeping CV Word format that follows ATS rules, all you have to do is:

    • Use Microsoft Word to craft your CV, make sure that you use the one-page rule to Craft a simple CV.
    • Make it clean and Readable, which means you have to maintain an easy-to-read format by choosing a professional layout.
    • Choose a suitable font like Times New Roman.
    • Write the CV in 11-12 font size and stick to it all the way.
    • Pay attention to margins and spacing, it must be consistent.
    • Use bullet points to highlight information and to make sure that your housekeeping CV is readable.
    • Finally, Save your housekeeping resume with no experience as a PDF.

    You can simply use our resume builder 2024 to create a professional CV able to attract managers’ attention and guarantee you more than an opportunity.

    How to write a Housekeeping resume with no experience?

    It isn’t an easy task to impress your potential employers, but you can surely have your way by crafting a compelling Hotel housekeeping resume with no experience or a CV for housekeeping in general with a few steps. All you need is to follow our detailed guide:

    Your Contact Information

    Firstly you write your full name, then you include your contact information such as phone number, email address, and your LinkedIn profile link, if available.


    Instead of writing a traditional Housekeeping resume objective, We suggest you write a short brief not exceeding two or three sentences, in which you introduce yourself, your key strengths, skills, and your passion for the housekeeping field.

    Housekeeping resume summary examples

    You can use the examples below to write your CV Objective for a housekeeper or hotel housekeeper position:


    Fresh graduate with high motivation and Organizational skills, having a constant desire to learn more about housekeeping.


    Listing your highest level of education is an important step, you should also list these in housekeeping resume with no experience:

    • Your school name.
    • Your Diploma or Degree.
    • Your GPA.
    • The year of graduation.
    • Your city.

    It’s also important to list your courses or training programs in the housekeeping field, if available. 


    This is the most important step, as it increases your opportunities of being, so make sure that you write a Housekeeping skills resume that includes:

    • Both soft and hard skills.
    • The skills that align with housekeeping duties and responsibilities.
    • Write the skills that match the housekeeping job description.
    • Short description of how good you are at cleaning skills.

    These steps will help you to pass ATS check or you can use our AI resume optimizer to make sure that your housekeeping resume with no experience is top-notch.

    Work Experience

    If you have any work experience, you should include it in this section even if it wasn’t related to housekeeping.


    Work Experience
    Part-time waiter
    Lotus Cafe, Los Angeles
    08-2023 – 01-2024
    – greeting and serving customers
    – providing detailed information on the menu

    Know how to write cv for fresh graduate without experience

    Volunteer Work

    If it is your first job you can mention your Volunteer Experience especially if it was in the housekeeping field.


    Volunteer Work
    Volunteered at school activities, and helped with cleaning. participate with other members to clean the school buildings.

    After finishing your housekeeping resume with no experience, you should proofread it before submitting it to make sure that it is free of errors, Whether grammatical or spelling errors.

    You can use resume checker online free to do so.

    Housekeeping resume examples

    First, you need to follow the steps we mentioned before to create a CV that professionally represents your personality, but if you can’t here is housekeeper cv sample that you can use:


    Katherine Watson

    Phone: 0000

    Address: ……..

    Email Address: www.Katherinewatson@gmail.com

    LinkedIn profile link: www. linkedin/Katherine
    Resume Summary

    Highly motivated and detail-oriented individual with a strong desire to learn housekeeping duties and best practices to provide exceptional service. With my enthusiasm for maintaining cleanliness, I believe I could acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the housekeeping role to create an environment for people to enjoy.


    High School Diploma

    Sacred Heart High School, Los Angeles
    09-2019 – 06- 2023

    Registered Executive Housekeeper Certificate 
    07-2023 – 09-2023


    – Cleaning skills such as Vacuuming and mopping, …….ect
    – knowledge of cleaning products
    – Excellent customer service.
    Time management skills.
    – Ability to meet deadlines.
    – Communication skills.
    – Flexibility regarding work hours.
    – Adaptability.


    English– Native speaker




    Motivated and Committed individual with a strong eye for details Seeking a housekeeping position to learn industry standards. With my passion for organized spaces, I can contribute to creating a comfortable environment for guests.  I am eager to develop my skills within a supportive housekeeping team.


    – knowledge of both cleaning equipment and chemicals.
    – Excellent time management skills
    – Excellent Organizational skills.
    – Exceptional ability to attention to detail
    – Great communication skills


    English– B2
    Indonesian– Native speaker

    Find more about Housekeeping CV [Examples

    Hotel housekeeping CV sample

    Whether you’re a newcomer to the Hotel housekeeping industry or a professional, you need a powerful CV that can help you stand out from the competition. Here are some of the best-tailored CVs:


    This resume will be perfect if you are a newcomer with no experience at all:

    Carl Manson (CV) – Hotel Housekeeping

    Your Name:
    Phone Number:
    Email Address:
    Your Address:

    Driven and detail-oriented individual with an enthusiast for cleanliness, seeking a hotel housekeeping position. Eager to provide outstanding service. As a dedicated person, I am looking forward to learning more about Hotel housekeeping to provide a great experience for every guest.


    High School Diploma

    Brave Heart High School, Manhattan
    08-2020 – 08- 2023

    – Great understanding of sanitation and cleaning best practices.
    – Ability to use cleaning tools and chemicals professionally.
    – Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time
    – Exceptional Organizational skills.
    – Strong attention to details. 


    English– Native
    French– B1



    Passionate individual seeking a housekeeping position, My passion for cleanliness and organization, time management, and attention to detail make me an ideal candidate for this role. I’m eager to provide exceptional service to guests.


    – Great knowledge of cleaning and sanitation types of equipment.
    – Efficiency in doing housekeeping tasks.
    – A keen eye for detail allows me to notice every corner of the room to make sure that it is clean.
    – Ability to manage time effectively.
    – Flexibility and adaptability.
    – Effective communication skills.
    – Excellent Customer Service skills.


    English– Native
    Spain– B1

    Resume Forrest tips for outstanding housekeeping resume with no experience

    Although you may lack direct housekeeping experience, you likely have a scope of great skills that can be helpful for the role, so be keen to highlight those skills to show your potential employers that you have the potential to succeed in a housekeeping position. You will also need to:

    • Write an excellent resume objective at the beginning.
    • Focus on writing the skills section.
    • Emphasize your certifications if available.
    • Showcase volunteer involvement in housekeeping.
    • Highlight your relevant personal qualities.

    Remember, you can craft a compelling housekeeping resume with no experience that can pass the ATS checker with the right tools that help you emphasize your skills. Resume Forrest has the perfect tools that help you build an amazing CV, able to pass the ATS checker ,and to secure your first housekeeping job.

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