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Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience Templates & Tips

Get over the challenges, know how to write a hair stylist resume with no experience and get hired.

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    Don’t have any experience? and want to write your first Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience to take your first steps in the world of hair styling. All you need is a professional CV that will help you enter this world.

    Resume Forrest can help you create your Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience, which will show your passion for hair styling in addition to the steps to follow and mistakes you should avoid.

    What we will discuss in this article:

    • Formatting Your Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience
    • Components of a Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience
    • Hair Stylist Resumes Templates
    • Self-employed Hair Stylist Resume
    • Mistakes to avoid when writing a Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience

    Formatting Your Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience

    The right format plays a crucial role in passing the ATS check. Therefore, you should follow these steps to create a hair stylist resume template word using Microsoft word:

    • Create a Microsoft word document to craft your CV.
    • Use reverse-chronological, because it is one of  the best resume formats for Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience.
    • The perfect word document size should be A4.
    • Choose one on a professional font such as Time New Roman as it is one of the best font for resume 2024.
    • Write your document using a font size between 10 and 12.
    • Make sure your resume is consistent and clean.
    • A combination of chronological and functional format would be an excellent choice for your CV.
    • Remember to follow the one page rule so 

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    Essential Components of a Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience

    Stating your first job as a hair stylist my be challenging, but with a well crafted resume you can catch the attention of your future employer all you need to do is:

    Your Personal information

    Your personal information should be at the top of your documented resume. You should write your name on the top followed by your contact information, that includes your phone number, email address, and Portfolio link if available.

    Hair Stylist Resume Objective

    Writing a strong and attention grabbing hair stylist summary is crucial, it’s the way you use to express your passion for hair styling. Hence you should convey your enthusiasm, willingness to learn more. Your objective shouldn’t exceed a 3 to 5 sentence paragraph.

    Volunteer work

    You  can highlight all the projects you volunteered for as a previous related experience, as all this work can showcase your talent and dedication. You may also mention your work on your friends and family as an example.

    You can use your Portfolio as a reference to present your skills through the pictures you took for your work.

    Tailor your resume 

    You need to tailor your CV to match with the hair stylist resume description, using your soft skills, experience and qualifications. 

    Now that you know how to craft a compelling resume, all you need is to apply these steps and use our AI Resume Optimizer to check your work or use our Resume Checker Online Free.

    Hair Stylist Resumes Templates

    If you are looking for hair stylist resume examples that can help you show you as a passionate hair stylist even without experience, then you can hair stylist resume template free:

    Template 1

    Name: Natalie Hayes
    Phone Number: xxxxxxx
    Email Address: nataliehayes88@gmail.com

    Highly motivated and passionate hair stylist with an enthusiast for hairstyling. Seeking to learn more about the beauty industry to gain more experience. Having good communication skills, with the desire to exceed client expectations.

    Santa Maria, high school, Los Angeles, 5/2018 – 9/2022
    Hair Cutting volume course

    – Ability to make different Haircuts.
    – Knowledge of hair caring products like shampoo and conditioner.
    – Ability to meet customers’ needs.
    – Using hygiene and sanitation methods.
    – Ability to manage time and tasks.
    – Volunteer work
    – Used to work at homeless shelters as a hair stylist making hair cuts and hair coloring.

    English Native

    If you are looking for more resume examples hair stylist you can use the below one:

    Template 2

    Amber laveen
    Address: 20, xxxx street, San Francisco 
    Number: xxxxxxxxx
    Email Address: xxxxxx@gmail.com
    Passionate and dedicated hair stylist, with great customers service skills, looking for an opportunity to join a dynamic salon. Committed to enhance my skills and to be up to date with Hair styling latest techniques.
    Barber ,BJ’S Beauty And Barber College, Tacoma, USA
    The bay school of San Francisco high school, San Francisco,9- 2017 – 5-2021
    – Tailor different types of haircuts. 
    – Ability to deal with different hair textures
    – Creativity is styling new haircuts. 
    – Knowledge of hair styling products. 
    – Great customer service. 
    – Exceptional communication skills. 
    – Great ability to maintain a clean workplace. 
    English Native
    Spanish B2

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    Self-employed Hair Stylist Resume

    As a self-employed hair stylist you have your client base, but if you want showcase your talent and qualifications using a CV, you can use this template:

    Name: Larry Moore
    Address: 822 E. 20th Street, Los Angeles, United State of America 
    Phone Number: xxxxxxxxx
    Email Address: larymoore@gmail.com
    A passionate and talented hair stylist with experience. Seeking to leverage all my skills and expertise in hair styling to serve different clients. Dedicated to learning more and to stay up to date with the latest techniques to ensure that all the clients are satisfied with the results. 
    Redken International Academy of Style, Los Angeles
    01-2018: 08-2918
    – Exceptional knowledge of hair styling techniques and care products. 
    – Great ability to work on different types of hair. 
    – Ability to apply different hair dyes. 
    – Ability to provide great customer service. 
    – Time management. 
    Organizational skills
    Worked as a self-employed hair stylist from 10-2018 to 01-2024

    – Managed to attract a lot of customers through referrals specifically using word of mouth.
    – Made different types of
    – Hair styling services..
    – Managed to meet customers needs and concerns.
    – Using the latest techniques in hair styling.
    – Exceptional communication skills.
    – Great attention to details.
    – Accuracy in handling customers appointments and payment methods.
    English Native
    Italian B1

    Mistakes to avoid when writing a Hair Stylist Resume With No Experience

    Even if you don’t have experience, you need to craft a compelling cv, but while doing so you can make some mistakes, hence we recommend you to do so:

    • Don’t neglect  showing your volunteer work or training work. 
    • Don’t forget to showcase your skills. 
    • Show your related certificates. 
    • Focus on your objective and write an attractive one. 
    • Don’t forget to showcase your portfolio or pics for your work

    Crafting your CV may be a bit challenging, but Resume Forrest can help you get your first interview with our Resume Builder 2024, so don’t hesitate to use our tools.

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