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Top 6 steps for a front end developer resume with experience

Crafting a front end developer resume with experience that effectively showcases your experience and get you hired.

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    If you’re ready to apply for your next front-end developer job, here are several tips to get you started: First and foremost, it’s important to know how to craft a compelling front end developer resume with experience.

    Resume Forrest will provide you with the best steps and tips needed for building a front end dev cv that show that you are the perfect candidate for the position.

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    How to format a front end developer resume with experience?

    You want a front-end developer cv template word, then you should aim for a template with a neat and basic design that allows you to show both your qualifications and experience. To format the Front-end Developer CV follow these tips:

    • Create a document using Microsoft Word.
    • Choose a professional font with a suitable font size.
    • Ensure the format you choose consists of sections for education or certificates, employment history as well as industry background and professional skills.
    • Identify the front-end developer resume format according to your background and experience level. Reverse chronological resume is the best choice for you.
    • Make sure that you proofread your front end developer resume with experience a couple times before letting someone else take a look at it to avoid making mistakes in spelling or grammar in your resume.

    How to write a front end developer resume with experience?

    Writing your front end dev resume may be a bit challenging, but knowing the best tricks and steps will help you make a top-notch resume. Follow the following to build your CV:

    1- Write a summary front-end developer

    You should spend effort on tailoring your Summary to each job. Include numbers and the company name in your summary to convince a hiring manager that they should read it.

    Your summary will encourage them to read the whole resume if hiring managers notice his company’s name in it. Your front end developer resume with experience summary should highlight one or two of your achievements together with the reason why you are interested in joining this particular organization or filling this specific position.

    2- Add experience in front-end developer resume

    Demonstrate your experience with bullet points in the Professional Experience section. Each bullet point should represent and quantify a particular achievement

    Begin each one of them with an action verb and give enough context so that hiring managers can easily comprehend what you did. Additionally, link every accomplishment to some tangible benefit obtained by your employer or client due to your effort.

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    3- Add education in your Front-end Developer CV 

    Several Front-End Developers learn through self-study, but a lot of employers give more importance to those who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software development.

    Since the requirements for a front-end developer job can vary greatly among companies, it is crucial that you include your educational background when creating your front end developer cv.

    Use Best junior front end developer resume 2024

    4- Add resume front end developer Skills 

    If there is one thing that will turn a technical hiring manager off, it’s coming across a resume by a developer who claims to know every language and framework.

    It’s better to be really good at 1-2 languages than to be just okay at many. Generally, only list languages and frameworks you are skilled at.

    These are some common skills for front end developer resume with experience that employers look for:

    • JavaScript (React, Angular)
    • HTML
    • Agile software development
    • CSS
    • UX Design
    • Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
    • Python (Django)
    • Git
    • SQL

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    5- Add front-end developer resume keywords

    Your resume for front end developer may go through (ATS) check before a hiring manager or recruiter sees it.

    This system is selecting front end developer resume with experience according to the presence of keywords. So, it is extremely important to include as many keywords from the job description ad. Some of the keywords that must be included in resume front end developer:

    • React
    • Angular
    • JavaScript
    • SASS
    • Bootstrap
    • Web Development
    • PHP
    • Python
    • C++
    • Swift
    • Agile/Scrum methodology
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Redux

    5- Add front end resume action verbs

    Explaining your background may be difficult; that’s why you need to start with action verbs. These active words can help you explain your role and bypass the ATS algorithm and get to the hiring manager’s desk,

    Below are some suggested action verbs for a front end developer resume with experience:

    • Assembled
    • Begun
    • Contributed
    • Carried out
    • Arranged
    • Created
    • Delivered
    • Developed
    • Designed
    • Drove
    • Enhanced

    All you need is to use our CV Optimizer after applying theses steps to check your front end developer resume with experience or simply use:

    Front-end developer resume sample

    Find a front end developer resume sample you can in the below section or use the resume builder 2024:

    Junior front end Developer CV

    Email: your.email@email.com
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yourprofile


    A professional junior Front end Developer with knowledge in HTML and CSS as well as third-party libraries like Angular, and React. Hoping to use my technical skills to contribute towards successful projects in the future. Keen on taking up fresh challenges that will allow me to develop my coding skills for new feature development which will improve overall user experience.

    Work experience 

    Junior Frontend developer, Company/Organization Name, Month 20XX–Present

    Used HTML, CSS and Angular and React to create multiple responsive websites for mobile and desktop devices.
    Implemented WCAG 20 accessibility standards to ensure optimum user experience across all devices.

    Web Developer, Company/Organization Name, Month 20XX–Present

    Developed prototypes and mockups for new features, improving UX / UI design.
    Successfully integrated websites with strong backend services including databases, APIs among others.
    Used Git & Subversion version control systems for project collaboration and code management.


    UX/UI Design


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University name, Date


    Certified Web Developer
    Coder FoundryFront-End Web Developer Professional 

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    Senior Front end Developer cv

    Email: your.email@email.com
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yourprofile


    Having been involved in the development of interactive web applications for six years as well as mentoring junior developers, I have greatly enhanced organizational scalability, user experience and UI/UX design resulting into many satisfied users.
    Developed products that are 85% more efficient than before. React, HTML, JS, AJAX and CSS being my areas of expertise; I am positive about providing useful knowledge coupled with new ideas to the new position.

    Work experience 

    Senior Frontend Developer, Company Name, Month 20XX–Present

    Led a successful initiative to refactor the clientweb architecture by introducing a solid SPA.
    Improved organization’s page speed and scalability.
    Mentored junior developers while implementing cross-browser compatibility at code level leading to a 55% increase in user satisfaction

    Frontend Developer, Company Name, Month 20XX–Present

    Used high-level JavaScript libraries and APIs to create over nine interactive web applications
    Created a responsive design for different devices by using CSS3.
    optimized user experience for desktop to mobile phone
    Collaborated withUI/UX designers and back-end developers so that the (MVP) could be released smoothly
    Improved product performance by 70%


    Architecture Methodologies
    jQuery Plugins
    Responsive Design
    Mobile First Design
    API Design
    Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing
    CSS Debugging Tools
    Single Page Applications(SPA)
    MVP Release Coordination Between UI/UX Designers and Back-end Developers 
    UI/UX Design (Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch/Framer/etcetera).


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University name, Date

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    FAQ about front end developer resume

    1. How to write an outstanding front-end developer resume that makes you the best candidate?

    Quantify your career achievements with numbers. Candidates usually say that they created platform technology solutions, reduced valuation time, improved user acquisition, or wrote maintainable code.

    But those are just the normal steps! So if you were able to increase conversion rate or decrease manual workload in your previous position by only a little bit – still put it on your resume. Because what recruiters really want is big numbers. They want to see accomplishments that correlate with increased revenue or decreased time spent on tasks. And if you talk about those achievements in your front-end developer resume, they’ll be impressed.

    Moreover, it will be nice if you accompany your CV with a customized front-end developer cover letter (even if it’s not required in the job app).

    How do you align your resume with a Front end Developer job description?

    You have to tailor your front end developer resume with experience for each application. Read the job description carefully and try to find what the employer’s needs and how to overlap it with your experience.

    For instance, if the company wants someone who can design UIs for client websites as a front end developer then make sure wire framing and user-centered design principles are heavily emphasized on yours

    If they’re looking more towards application design in general (i.e., not specific about what kind), talk about various different features you’ve come up with throughout your career. This will make you stand out from everyone else who simply lists their skills without giving any context or examples

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