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Top 7 steps for crafting a fresher android developer resume

Our guide will equip you with the essential knowledge and strategies to create an impactful fresher android developer resume that captures the attention of hiring managers to land your dream job.

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    Are you a hopeful fresh Android developer who wants to find their dream job? In this article from Resume Forrest, we will provide some advice from our experts about creating an effective fresher android developer resume where you can show off your skills, projects and potential.

    We will talk about formatting techniques, important things to include and give you some insights that will make sure you stand out among other candidates for the same position and land your first Android developer role. 

    Keep reading if you want to know how to create an outstanding resume that will impress hiring managers and open doors for exciting career opportunities.

    • How to format a fresher android developer resume?
    • How to write a fresher android developer resume?
    • What is the perfect fresher android developer resume length?
    •  Fresher android developer resume example

    How to format a fresher android developer resume?

    Design your resume in a simple and clear format. Avoid decorative pictures or any graphic designs that cannot be read by an ATS since this may hide some important content from being seen by recruiters on whether one should get interviewed or not.

    Use standard fonts so that there is no need of converting them during the scanning process thus increasing chances of getting noticed by a recruiter who can invite you for an interview.

    The most suitable structure for a lot of resumes, which include those written by android developers is reverse chronological format. This kind of approach places your latest and most relevant experience at the top of the document. Even if you are at an entry level, functional resume formats should be avoided. If you do not have hands-on experience, displaying projects that show motivation and career advancement would work much better.

    How to write a fresher android developer resume?

    It’s important to have a strong fresher android developer resume alongside this should be key skills that match up well with what is being asked for in the job description to pass the ATS check. That’s why you need to know how to write an Android developer CV and you need to highlight in this resume:

    1- Write an android developer resume summary

    In your Android developer objectives, provide potential employers with an enticing snapshot that demonstrates what you can bring to their organizations.

    Let them know how versatile you are – describe yourself as someone who has strong problem-solving abilities; possess technical knowledge.For instance; including such information will greatly help in marketing yourself better.

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    2- Highlight your Education

    If you are an Android developer at the beginning of your career, then it’s safe to assume that you have recently graduated or are still in school. In such cases, it is crucial to put your education section above the experience section on your resume because it demonstrates employers how recently dedicated you have been towards learning and growing.

    Feature your major or course concentration, along with any relevant subjects or projects that you worked on while studying. Additionally, if you have taken a coding bootcamp or pursued other certifications related to Android development, be sure to mention those as well – this shows proactive effort in cultivating skills which can give an edge over other candidates.

    3- Experience in a fresher android developer resume

    Even as an entry-level android developer, don’t forget about hands-on experiences! Especially when trying to break into the field; projects like personal ones, academic ones, or from internships can be very helpful. Talk about applications you’ve created or contributed to and highlight principles behind android development + language knowledge (Java/Kotlin).

    Also remember listing familiarity and utilization with tools such as Android Studio for creation purposes while mentioning Google Play distribution platform too where necessary – this could involve stating apps developed & published by oneself, or including Github repository link(s) showing code written.

    4- Skills in an android developer resume for fresher

    Stand out from other candidates by highlighting specific skills and knowledge areas that are highly relevant to Android development. The technical skills for android developer in resume should be included such as; knowing Android SDK, APIs, Java, Kotlin and XML with database management basics.

    You also need to indicate that you can debug problems and have had exposure working with version control systems such as Git which will further strengthen your abilities in that area. Application lifecycle management understanding is another skill expected of any potential android developer according to most hiring managers’ expectations so detail it too.

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    5- Showcase your Projects 

    Include any relevant projects even if they were part of your studies. For example, talk about apps that you built or contributed towards their development and what these applications do.

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    6- Include Entry-level android developer resume keywords

    If you want to be an entry-level android developer, your resume will likely be scanned initially by (ATS). This system examines the document for particular words and details that indicate whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that specific keywords are included in your fresher android developer resume for it to pass through ATS.

    Use keywords like ‘Java’, ‘Kotlin’, ‘Android Studio’, ‘APIs’, ‘Git’ and ‘UI/UX design’ which are related to Android development; this demonstrates familiarity with necessary languages and tools.

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    7- Add Action verbs in an entry-level android developer resume

    Action verbs help hiring managers to visualize what role you played in achieving something; however, it can be difficult finding enough action verbs when writing a resume. Differentiate your word choice in order to avoid redundancy. Be concise and steer clear of passive voice constructions wherever possible. Feel free to use these action verbs when creating the professional experience section in your android developer resume:

    • Build
    • Deploy
    • Design
    • Experiment
    • Enhance
    • Develop
    • Modernize
    • Generate
    • Introduce
    • Resolve
    • Launch
    • Innovate
    • Reinforce
    • Invent
    • Streamline
    • Test
    • Strengthen
    • Update

    What is the perfect fresher android developer resume length?

    For an entry-level android developer resume, a one-page resume is recommended. You should not have much work experience as an entry-level job seeker. Instead, present relevant experiences, academic achievements and skills briefly for an effective CV.

    If you are having trouble fitting your CV on one page try changing the template to use space more effectively and make sure every bit of information contributes something tangible towards your application as an android developer.

    After crafting your entry-level android developer resume, you can review what you did by using our AI Resume Optimizer or our CV Optimizer for the best results.

     Fresher android developer resume example

    If you are looking for an entry-level Cv Android Developer example or an Android developer CV template free you can use our Resume Builder For Free, or use this sample, it would be your perfect choice for a compelling resume:

    Your Name
    Phone Number
    Email Address


    Highly motivated and passionate fresher Android developer eager to kickstart a career in mobile application development. Seeking a challenging position as a fresher Android developer to apply my programming skills, creativity, and strong problem-solving abilities to contribute to the development of innovative and user-friendly Android applications.


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, [University Name], [City, State], [Year of Graduation]


    Proficient in Java and Kotlin programming languages.
    Solid understanding of object-oriented programming principles.
    Familiarity with Android Studio and the Android SDK.
    Basic knowledge of Android UI/UX design principles.
    Understanding of RESTful APIs and JSON.
    Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
    Attention to detail.
    Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.
    Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
    Team player with the ability to work collaboratively.
    Effective time management skills.


    Contributor to ‘project name’ – an xxxxxxx app

    Education Projects:

    Developed a task management app with cloud sync functionality for Android users as a personal project


    Google Associate Android Developer (date)
    Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) (date)


    Following these steps will help you build a compelling entry-level android developer resume that will help you land the job you desire.

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