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Fresh Graduate Architect Resume |Examples & Tips for 2024

Craft your Fresh Graduate Architect Resume to launch your architecture career, with our ultimate guide to land your dream job.

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    As a fresh graduate architect, it may be hard for you to step into the job market, but with a compelling CV, you can showcase your skills, education, and potential. Your standout Fresh Graduate Architect Resume serves as the initial introduction to potential employers.

    Here in Resume Forrest, We will help you to create a compelling fresh graduate architect CV that catches the attention of employers and helps you secure interviews.

    In This Article We Will Discuss:

    • How do you format your Fresh graduate Architect Resume?
    • Tips to help you write an architect resume for a fresh graduate
    • Fresh Graduate Architect Resume Sample
    • Resume Forrest Tips To Write A Fresh Graduate Architect Resume

    How do you format your Fresh graduate Architect Resume?

    Chronological resume format is the best format for an Architect CV, as it is the most suitable one for your resume. You should work on the layout of your Architecture CV template, we suggest the following;

    • First, you should use headers to organize your resume.
    • Your style should be clear and concise.
    • Choose one of these fonts Roboto, Rokkit, or Overpass to write your fresh graduate architect CV.
    • Make sure that the font size is 11 or 12 only.
    • Use the optimal 1-page length to make sure recruiters go through all of it.
    • Save your Architecture Engineer CV as a PDF.

    Now that we have explained the best way to format and organize a CV for architect, you can make sure you have applied the steps correctly by using our AI resume optimizer.

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    Tips to help you write an architect resume for a fresh graduate

    Now you need to know how to write a resume for architect fresh graduate professionally by following these tips:

    Personal Information

    You need to include your essential information, such as your contact details, including your phone number, email address, and LinkedIn account. 

    This information should be at the top of the page, and it would be best to include a design or logo that reflects your personality and your architectural design skills.

    What is the objective of a fresher architect resume?

    Architect resume summary should be the first paragraph after your contact information, and here you need to introduce yourself in a captive way that helps you grab the attention of your potential employers. Fresh graduate architect resume objective should also focus on a few key points such as your goals, what sets you apart from other recent graduates, and your passion and creativity for architectural design.

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    Your Academic Background

    You should focus on your academic degree, providing details related to the name of your university and your qualification, along with the graduation date.

    You can also mention any projects you worked on during your study at the university.

    Certifications and Training

    You should mention the certifications you have obtained, as well as training programs, with a description for each certificate and the key skills you have acquired through them

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    Fresh graduate architect resume skills

    Your Architect skills resume should include the most important skills, both on a technical level and personal level. You should not follow the usual approach but rather illustrate your skills practically in a form that demonstrates your professionalism.

    Internships and Work Experience

    Highlight the experiences you have gained through Internships, which can showcase your design skills. Also, make sure to describe the tasks you were responsible for during your Internships.

    Use resume checker online free to craft your architect resume for fresh graduate in no time.

    Fresh Graduate Architect Resume Sample

    If you want a free template for a Fresh graduate architect resume no experience, you can use these samples:

    Template 1

    Maria Marselio
    Phone: 403-798-0123


    Highly motivated Fresh graduate architect with a great passion and comprehensive understanding of architectural design. Eager to leverage my fresh perspective and exceptional design skills to contribute to dynamic projects and make a positive impact in the field.


    09/2019 – 05/2023, Architecture, University of California, Berkeley, IN, United States of America 
    GPA: 3.4
    09/2015 – 05/2019, Southfield High School for the Arts and Technology

    Certifications and Training
    Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    Specific Software Training


    – Design Software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp
    – Hand Drafting & Sketching
    – Building Information Modeling (BIM)
    – 3D Modeling & Rendering
    – Construction Documents (CDs) Creation
    – Building Materials & Systems Knowledge
    – Communication skills Written & Verbal
    – Great Problem-Solving.
    – Creativity.
    – Analyzing skills.
    – Time Management.

    Internships and Work Experience

    [Company Name], [City, State] [6-2022 – 9-2023] Internship

    – Developed 3D models using AutoCAD for a [project name].
    – Assisted with creating construction documents for a [project name]
    – Creating 3D models and visualizations of building projects.
    – Reduced material waste by 5% through sustainable design recommendations.


    English- Native 
    French- B2
    Spanish- B1

    Template 2

    Jack Paterson

    Phone Number: 400-528-0976
    Email Address: jackpaterson@gmail.com
    Address: ……………..
    Portfolio Website: …………..


    Creative recent graduate architect, eager to Utilize my academic knowledge to Play a part in a dynamic architectural firm. Own strong analytical skills with a passion for innovative design.


    University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Bachelor of Architecture, [09/2018 – 05/2022]
    GPA:  3.3  


    – Proficiency in CAD software such as AutoCAD
    – Proficiency in Revit software
    – Construction documentation
    – Design Development
    – Problem-solving skills
    – Time Management


    Internship [Company Name], [City, State] [6-2022 – 9-2023] Internship.

    Awards & Recognitions

    List any academic awards, scholarships, or design competition recognitions you’ve received.


    English- Native 
    French- C2
    Chinese – B2

    Use resume builder 2024 on our website to craft a professional CV, you also can use it, if you are a Junior Architect who is seeking a Junior Architect CV Template.

    Know how to write a cv for fresh graduate without experience

    Resume Forrest Tips To Write A Fresh Graduate Architect Resume

    You can write a compelling CV that can pass the ATS resume checker with our Expert tips, which  include:

    • Tailor your resume structure to each job you apply for.
    • Focus on highlighting your key achievements during your internship.
    • Highlight the skills that match those mentioned in the job description.
    • Focus on showcasing your design skills, such as using AutoCAD and hand-drawing
    • Use your portfolio as a way to showcase your design skills.
    • Be sure to use some strong action verbs.

    You can use one of the tools available on Resume Forrest, that can help you create a stunning resume capable of passing the ATS check and securing a job interview to get your first job.

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