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Flight Attendant CV Examples & Templates

Kick start your flight attendant career with a compelling flight attendant CV. Reach new heights in your journey to find a job with expert tips.

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    Have you always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, travelling, and meeting new people? Now is the time to make your dreams come true.

    Flight attendants are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers on the flights. They provide customer service, serve food and beverages, and ensure that passengers follow safety procedures. They also play a vital role in the event of an emergency.

    Kick start your career as a flight attendant with a compelling flight attendant CV that will help you stand out from the competition.

    In this article, we will provide you with the essential tips and tricks you need to write a CV that will impress hiring managers and land you the job.

    We will cover everything from choosing the right format and content to highlighting your skills and experience:

    • Providing insights on choosing a format that best showcases your strengths.
    • Identifying key sections to include in a Flight Attendant CV.
    • Offering tips on presenting education, work experience, and additional relevant sections effectively.
    • Enumerating essential skills for a Flight Attendant role.
    • Offering tips on organizing content for optimal readability.
    • Explaining the significance of tailoring your CV for specific job applications.

    By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to write a flight attendant CV that will help you achieve your dream job.

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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    Your Flight Attendant CV is not just a document; it’s your ticket to an adventure-filled career in the aviation industry as the first point of contact between airlines and passengers.

    According to statistics, the process of reading a resume and determining whether to consider the candidate for interview or not takes the employer about 7 seconds.

    Just 7 seconds your CV has to convince the airline recruiters and take you to the next step towards your career.

    So, it’s very important to know how to write a compelling CV that reflects your qualifications and showcases your commitment to exceptional service. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to navigate the art of writing a compelling Flight Attendant CV.

    Essentials of a flight attendant CV and how to format it

    There are essential parts of the CV and here is the best format for it:

    1. Add your personal details: your name, address, phone number, email, linked in account, and your website link if you have one.
    2. Start with your CV objective or resume.
    3. Write your work experience in reverse chronological order.
    4. Present your educational accomplishments.
    5. Mention your flight attendant skills.
    6. Make your CV more personal by adding additional sections to stand out from the other applicants.
    7. Write a cover letter and attach it with your CV.

    Here’s our guidance and expert advices to write a stunning resume that will shine and take you to new heights in your journey to find a job.

    First impressions can make all the difference. Your Flight Attendant CV’s objective or summary is the beacon that guides potential employers towards your unique professional identity.

    This succinct statement, strategically placed at the beginning of your CV, serves as the initial introduction, capturing the essence of your passion, qualifications, and aspirations.

    Should I write flight attendant CV Objective or Summary?

    If you have experience, write a summary; if you are writing a Cabin crew CV for freshers or lack experience graduates, write an objective.

    In the case of having previous experience, the summary section is the ideal place to emphasize the skills and achievements you’ve gained.

    This section should be short and concise, highlighting the key points that qualify you for the specific job.

    Focus on your core skills and accomplishments that showcase your positive impact in previous roles.

    Flight attendant CV summary sample:

    Strong example

    Experienced and service-focused flight attendant with 3 years of experience in international flights. Demonstrated commitment to passenger safety and comfort. Proven ability to maintain a calm demeanor in diverse situations, contributing to a positive cabin environment. Achieved 95% customer satisfaction rating over my working years. Seeking to leverage exceptional customer service skills and cultural awareness by joining Delta Airlines as a flight attendant.

    Weak example

    I kinda wanna be a flight attendant, I guess. I flew a couple of times and liked it. Not sure what they do, but seems fun. Hoping to get a job where I can travel and stuff.

    In that weak example, it’s clear that the candidate doesn’t have the enthusiasm for the flight attendant role, lacks expression of career goals, a limited understanding of the role, and unclear skills and qualifications.

    In addition, the candidate used informal language that doesn’t convey a professional attitude.

    The objective is used when you are writing a recent graduate CV or have limited experience.

    This section aims to showcase your professional goals and the contributions you aspire to make in the future.

    The objective should be clear and concise, indicating your ambitions and professional aspirations.

    Right example

    As an aspiring Flight Attendant fresh out of university, I am excited to embark on a career that merges my love for travel with a commitment to exceptional customer service. Fluent in English and proficient in French, I bring strong communication skills and cultural awareness to create a welcoming and safe environment for passengers. Eager to undergo training, learn on the job, and contribute positively to the success of your esteemed airline.

    Wrong example

    I love traveling and thought being a flight attendant could be cool. I don’t have any experience in this, but I’m a quick learner. Just looking for a job where I can see new places and meet different people.

    Highlight your previous work experience and arrange it in a list starting from the early work to the oldest.

    Right example

    Flight Attendant
    British Airlines
    Jan 2010-oct 2012

    • Implemented and upheld safety protocols and regulations to ensure the well-being of passengers during flights.
    • Delivered high-quality customer service, addressing passenger requests and inquiries with professionalism and courtesy.
    • Collaborated with the cabin crew to maintain a pristine and organized cabin environment, upholding airline standards.
    • Responded promptly and efficiently to in-flight emergencies, demonstrating quick thinking and effective problem-solving skills.
    • Conducted thorough pre-flight and post-flight inspections, ensuring proper functionality of all cabin equipment.
    • Participated in regular training sessions to stay current on industry standards, emergency response procedures, and customer service best practices.

    Weak example

    Flight Attendant
    British Airlines
    Jan 2010-oct 2012

    • Did safety things during flights to keep passengers safe.
    • Helped passengers with their requests and answered questions.
    • Kept the cabin clean and did checks before and after flights.
    • Went to training sometimes to learn stuff.

    This less effective example uses informal language, lacks detail and specificity, and does not effectively convey the professionalism and impact of the flight attendant’s role.

    In a professional resume, it’s crucial to use clear and detailed language to highlight responsibilities, achievements, and contributions in a way that demonstrates competence and dedication in the field.

    Is it your first time to work as a flight attendant?

    Don’t worry; just mention any previous work experience that seems like a flight attendant, like hospitality and health care career, and show your relevant achievements and skills.

    3-display your education

    Education section is a very important part of your CV because most flight attendant jobs require at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

    So, How to include your degree on your flight attendant CV?

    If you have already graduated simply write your degree including the graduation year, your degree, and university name.

    Don’t forget to mention your professional certificates.

    For example

    Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
    University of California
    06/2013 – 07/2017

    • Relevant Coursework: Aviation Safety, Customer Service Excellence, Crisis Management in Hospitality, Cultural Sensitivity in Global Services.

    • Flight Attendant Certification Program
    Aviation Training Institute 08/2017 – 10/2017
    • Emergency Response and First Aid Certification
    American Red Cross 11/2017 – 01/2018

    When you haven’t graduated yet you can write the same as the graduates but, mention your expected graduation year.

    Didn’t join a university?

     You can add your high school diploma to your flight attendant CV.

    4-Showcase your relevant flight attendant CV skills

    Put Skills on a flight attendant CV including your hard and soft skills to enhance its excellence.

    Your CV should balance technical, interpersonal, and industry-specific skills like:

    • Safety Procedures
    • Emergency Response
    • Cabin Management
    • Multilingual Proficiency
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Strong Communication
    • Cultural Sensitivity
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Team Collaboration
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Flight Planning
    • Continuous Learning
    • Adaptability
    • Attention to Detail
    • Effective Problem-Solving

    Tailor these skills to your specific experiences and the requirements of the job to create a concise and impactful skills section on your flight attendant CV.

    5- Personalize your CV with additional sections

    Make your CV more exceptional by adding additional sections to stand out from the crowed, like hobbies and interests- volunteer experience-languages.

    How long should a CV be?

    Don’t make it a very long CV; we don’t need it to be boring, be specific and at the point.

    6- Attach a cover letter

    A well-crafted cover letter is your key to making a lasting impression in the competitive world of aviation.

    In a brief but impactful paragraph, express your enthusiasm for the role and align your unique skills with the airline’s values.

    Action verbs and words you can use in your flight attendant CV

    Action words not only enhance your professional narrative but also capture the essence of your dynamic role in the aviation industry.

    Don’t forget to highlight your experiences and proficiencies effectively by incorporating dynamic action verbs in your resume and cover letter like:

    • Ensured
    • Delivered
    • Adapted
    • Coordinated
    • Communicated
    • Maintained
    • Responded
    • Collaborated
    • Managed
    • Resolved
    • Implemented
    • Facilitated
    • Executed
    • Enhanced
    • Oversaw
    • Navigated
    • Prioritized
    • Conducted
    • Contributed
    • Emphasized

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    Full version of flight attendant CV example

    Sarah Johnson
    123 Main Street | Any town, USA
    Email: sarah.johnson@email.com
    Phone: (555) 555-5555


    Highly experienced and dedicated Flight Attendant with a proven track record of ensuring passenger safety, delivering exceptional service, and maintaining a positive in-flight environment. Seeking a challenging position with Delta Airlines to leverage my expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence in contributing to the success of the airline.

    work Experience:

    Lead Flight Attendant | Delta Airlines, Atlanta, GA
    June 2018 – Present

    • Supervise and lead the cabin crew, ensuring seamless coordination and adherence to operational standards.
    • Conduct pre-flight briefings; disseminate safety protocols, service expectations, and operational updates.
    • Oversee and enforce safety and security measures throughout flights, prioritizing the well-being of passengers and crew.
    • Exemplify and promote exceptional customer service, addressing passenger needs and concerns proactively.
    • Collaborate effectively with the cockpit crew to manage in-flight logistics, ensuring a secure and enjoyable travel experience.
    • Conduct routine cabin inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain a clean and organized environment.

    Senior Flight Attendant | Southwest Airlines, Dallas, TX
    January 2015 – May 2018

    • Delivered outstanding customer service, earning consistent positive feedback from passengers.
    • Responded efficiently to in-flight emergencies, demonstrating quick thinking and effective problem-solving skills.
    • Collaborated with the cabin crew to maintain a clean and organized cabin environment, exceeding airline standards.
    • Conducted pre-flight and post-flight inspections, ensuring the proper functionality of all cabin equipment.
    • Actively participated in recurrent training sessions, staying current on industry standards, emergency response procedures, and customer service best practices.


    Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
    University of Georgia, Athens, GA | Graduated May 2014
    • Relevant Coursework: Advanced Aviation Safety, Customer Service Excellence in the Aviation Industry.


    • Flight Attendant Certification Program Flight Safety International, Atlanta, GA | Completed June 2014
    • Emergency Response and First Aid Certification American Red Cross, Atlanta, GA | Renewed June 2022
    • CPR/AED Certification American Heart Association, Atlanta, GA | Renewed June 2022


    • Safety & Emergency Response
    • Cabin Management
    • Customer Service
    • Communication
    • Multilingual Proficiency
    • Team Collaboration


    • English: Native proficiency
    • French: Intermediate proficiency

    This flight attendant CV template you can customize it further based on your specific experiences, achievements, and language proficiency of the actual candidate.

    You can use resume Forrest to customize your special and great resume template.

    Pro tips for a special and stunning CV:

    Enhance your flight attendant CV with these professional practices:

    • Use the airline’s name in your CV objective or resume it will make it more personalized and shows your interest.
    • Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or a seasoned professional, tailor your CV to reflect your individual strengths, language proficiency, and commitment to ongoing training.
    • Use numbers to showcase achievements, such as the number of passengers served or successful emergency responses.
    • Incorporate industry-specific keywords relevant to the airline industry, and use ATS-friendly templates to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS).
    • Use a clean, organized layout with consistent formatting and good fonts to enhance readability and professionalism.
    • Get now! The top & professional resume formats in 2023
    • Take your time in reviewing your CV and cover letter; it’s your future, no place for mistakes.

    Your flight attendant CV is a powerful tool that encapsulates your journey in the aviation industry.

    It’s more than a chronological record; it’s your narrative of delivering exceptional service, ensuring passenger safety, and thriving in a dynamic environment.

    From a captivating objective to detailed professional experiences, your CV should resonate with your dedication to the unique demands of the role.

    As you navigate through your professional altitude, may your CV be the compass guiding you to new horizons and opportunities in the world of flight.

    Safe travels on your career journey.

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