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Entry-Level Copywriter Resume Examples Get You Hired In 2024

Craft a Compelling entry-level copywriter resume following This Guide Tips to land your dream job.

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    As a copywriter you need to craft a CV that showcases your talent, especially in this competitive field, you can write an entry-level copywriter resume that gets you hired and land your dream job by following Resume Forrest experts’ advice.

    You can also choose what suits you from one of the different samples we offer in this article and follow our guide for crafting an impressive CV.

    This article will focus on:

    • How To Write An Impressive Entry-level Copywriter Resume?
    • Copywriter Resume Examples
    • Resume Forrest Tips To Write Entry-Level Copywriter Resume

    How to write an impressive Entry-level copywriter resume?

    It’s your chance to represent your passion for words by Writing the best copywriter resume, especially if you lack professional experience, but you can highlight what are you capable of by doing this:

    Choose the right format

    Be keen to choose a concise and clear format, with a professional font. Use the bullet points and keep your entry-level copywriter resume at one-page length.

    Clean Header

    You can do that by writing your full name, and personal information that includes your phone number, email address, and the link to your portfolio. 

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    Craft a compelling copywriter resume summary

    This should be the first section you add after writing your header, that showcases your enthusiasm for copywriting. You need to highlight your goals and skills.

    Highlight your Education

    You should begin with the highest degree you earned besides the university or institution’s name in addition to the graduation year. 

    Showcase your Copywriter resume skills

    In a copywriter resume, skills are crucial for confirming your qualifications, so you should highlight both soft skills and hard skills. You should choose the skills that align with a copywriter job description resume. 

    Skills for copywriting resume may include writing techniques, the ability to adapt writing style to various industries, and experience with social media platforms, …etc.

    Write your Experience

    After writing your copywriting skills resume, you need to add a section that showcases your experience as a copywriter. You need to list these experiences in reverse chronological order.

    Copywriting experience examples include the job title, the company name, and training period in addition to a short description of your responsibilities

    Know to craft a cv for fresh graduate without experience


    You need to add the courses you had in copywriting, such as Content Marketing courses and copywriting courses. 

    Following these steps can build a great entry-level copywriter resume then use our resume checker online free to check it to guarantee your first interview.

    Use resume forrest the best resume builder to craft a compelling CV, that helps you get hired in a wink of an eye.

    Copywriter resume examples

    These are our different templates that you can use to impress your future employer, choose the one that suits you the best.

    Entry level copywriter resume

    It may be hard for a newcomer to compete for the copywriter position, but using a compelling entry-level copywriter resume will make your mission easier, you can use the following template:

    Justin Smith

    City, State
    Phone: 000-000-0000
    Email Address: xxxxxxx@email.com


    A Fresh graduate with a passion for copywriting, has the ability to create engaging content using suggestive sales and upselling techniques.


    Bachelor of Arts 9/ 2019 – 5/2023
    Major in English Literature; Minors in Creative Writing

    OMCA Certification – 2022


    – Creative writing.
    – Copywriting for website content, social media posts, and email marketing.
    – Creating advertising copies.
    – Creating resonating copies.
    – Proofreading Techniques  
    Google Analytics
    – Client communication
    – Following company style guidelines
    – SEO Copywriting
    – Ability to research.
    – Attention to details.


    Trainee at (CO. name), Duration

    – Created more than 15 different copies for two campaigns.
    – Optimized copies for search engines.
    – Proofread 40 copies to make sure they are free from spelling and grammar mistakes.
    – Created copies align with the brand tone.
    – Created social media posts. 

    Languages: Fluent in English; Conversational Proficiency in German

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    Social media copywriter resume

    As a Social media copywriter, you can highlight your talent and passion for copywriting using this template:

    Monica Skylar

    City, country
    Email address:


    A talented social media copywriter with one year of experience. Have the ability to craft engaging and inspirational content for social media campaigns that align with the company’s voice.


    Degree, University, date


    – Creating engaging copies.
    – Email marketing.
    – Campaign copies.
    – Social media marketing. 
    – Google ads. 
    – Competitors research.
    – Keep up with the latest trends.
    – Creating an editorial calendar.
    – Ability to use many tools such as Grammarly.
    – Time management.
    – Team player.


    Title, Company name, Duration

    – Proofread copies for different platforms.
    – Wrote SEO content.
    – Creating Engaging copies to increase sales for different Campaigns.
    – Creating copies that Follow the company voice.
    – Using Digital marketing best practice.
    – Ability to handle more than project at the same time.
    – Ability to do Market research for different Campaigns.

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    Freelance copywriter resume

    You already worked on a lot of projects, but you need a professional CV to showcase your experience and the projects you worked for, here is one of the best Freelance copywriter resumes:

    John Ruffalo

    Phone Number:
    Email address:


    A passionate copywriter with great experience in writing engaging content. Using best content writing techniques to increase sales.


    Bachelor’s degree, University, Duration. 


    – Content optimization for different copies. 
    – Increasing post engagement by Writing different copies. 
    – Copies Proofreading.
    – Copywriting for various platforms
    – Email marketing
    – Brand voice development
    – Research and analysis


    Freelance Copywriter, Company name, Duration

    – Devolving more than 10 copies for 2 branded campaigns.
    – Increase online presence for startup companies by creating different copies.
    – Edited and proofread more than 50 copies.
    – Created copies for social media platforms. 
    – Grow subscriber base by using email marketing campaigns.


    French native
    English native
    Spanish B2

    Resume Forrest Tips To Write Entry-Level Copywriter Resume

    Your entry-level copywriter resume is your way to impress your employers, so you have to craft an aspiring one, especially with your limited experience. To showcase that you are the right person for this position, you need to highlight your writing skills and creativity. To do that follow our experts’ tips:

    • Don’t use a generic resume, craft a cv that presents your personality and potential.
    • Focus on writing a Captivating objective.
    • Highlight your educational background, especially courses.
    • Mention your volunteer work if available.
    • Proofread your resume to make sure it is free of mistakes.

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    These tips will help you to craft an amazing entry-level copywriter resume or you can use any of our tools to build a resume that grabs attention and lands you that dream job.

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