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data entry resume for freshers Examples and Templates

Learn how to craft a strong data entry resume for freshers, make a good first impression with a stand out resume that lands you the job easily.

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    Working on a computer all day with strong writing skills and a good sense of attention to detail, that’s mainly what you need to do in the data entry job.

    But no doubt that grabbing a job opportunity needs a resume even if you are fresh without experience or not fresh who is shifting gears to a new career.

    Here is a comprehensive guide on how to write a data entry resume for freshers to pick your first job in the data entry field.

    If you are an experienced candidate you can use this guide to rewrite your resume professionally and increase your chances of getting hired.

    In this guide you will learn:-

    • What is data entry?
    • How to craft a data entry job resume for freshers?
    • What is the best data entry resume format for freshers?
    • The difference between resume objective and resume summary for freshers data entry.
    • What are the skills for data entry?
    • Additional tips and tricks to stand out.

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    Data entry is a job where you convert documents from formats like paper, recorded Voice, and video to a saved file on the computer.

    The majority of companies need a data entry worker, also a lot of jobs include data entry like receptionists, accountants, secretaries, and more.

    That leads us to a question: is data entry a skill for resume?

    according to what we said earlier it can be a skill blended with the requirements for other jobs.

    Is there a difference between data entry and data analysis?

    They both deal with data but data analysis is an advanced stage where the data analyst can use the data to get information and forecast the upcoming circumstances to make decisions according to the data analysis.

    So the entry level data analyst resume for freshers contains completely different skills than a data entry resume for freshers like statistics and programming languages.

    Data entry resume for freshers can be your passport to an easy job you can do from the comfort of your home.

    You just need a computer, internet, and the ability to use the computer professionally to handle the different data entry tasks.

    Even if you can’t write quickly there are a lot of online websites that can teach you the touch typing skill easily.

    But how to write a compelling data entry resume for freshers that can get you hired? Here we are.

    Before diving into the process of writing data into a resume for freshers decide first which resume format to apply in your resume.

    The format is about how to arrange your CV and list your qualifications, skills, and expertise.

    Based on the preferences of hiring managers the best resume format in 2024 is the reverse chronological format.

    Reverse chronological format depends on dates of actions.

    For example: when you list your work experience you would look at the date of every job you worked then start recording with the latest job first then the previous ones on time, and the last one.

    So are there other resume formats? Yes of course.

    There is the functional format and the combination format.

    The functional format is where you can arrange your data entry resume for freshers based on the skills gained from your education, training, and previous work.

    It can be the best choice when you have a lack of work experience section so you can avoid appearing without experience.

    The combination format allows you to write a data entry resume for freshers combining the features of the reverse chronological format and the functional format.

    Whatever your choice don’t forget to set your data entry resume for freshers with best appearance practices.

    For a good appearance on your resume follow these best layout practices:

    • Set the Page margins  1 inch from each direction.
    • Arrange your CV sections based on the priority of each section.
    • Don’t forget to double the space between the sections. The white spaces improve the readability of your CV.
    • Write with the best fonts for resume 2024 such as Helvetica and Calibri avoid using informal fonts like Comic Sans or Futura.
    • Use the font size of 9:12 point where 12 is for the headings and 9 for the description of each section.
    • Use bullet points when you have a lot of things to list like your achievements.
    • keep your CV short: the ideal length for a fresher resume is almost one page but for freshers, you can stretch it according to your experience.
    • Choose an ATS-friendly resume template.
    • Save your resume in PDF format to keep your information and layout settings the same on different devices.

    Now you know how to format your CV and look perfect.

    Let’s talk more about the resume itself and how to add your information professionally to create a standout data entry resume for freshers.

    data entry resume for freshers without contact details!

    How could the hiring managers reach you when you are selected for the interview?

    The basic part of your CV is the contact details but being basic doesn’t mean you can add it randomly.

    At the top of your header add your name with a big font followed by the position name.

    Then your basic contact information such as your valid phone number, professional email address, and LinkedIn profile link, if you have a portfolio from previous work or training, don’t hesitate to add your portfolio link.

    How does it appear in your resume:

    Randy Watson
    Data entry specialist

    Phone number: 111-222-3333
    Email address: randywatson @gmail.com
    LinkedIn profile link: linkedin/randy

    Carefully check your contact information a typo can be the difference between you and the interview.

    After your contact information, the resume profile section is the first section that appears.

    One of the bad facts about hiring managers is that they spend about six seconds reviewing a resume.

    That’s because of the high amount of resumes they receive.

    That means you should make something to grab their attention in six seconds to continue reading your CV.

    Fortunately, you can do that with an impressive resume profile.

    But, is it a resume objective or a profile summary for freshers?

    The data entry resume for freshers starts with a Profile objective; It’s 2-3 sentences describing your qualifications, education, skills, why you want to join the company, and what you can add to the company.

    For example:

    Resume Objective

    Highly accurate data entry clerk with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Skilled at touch typing with a typing speed of 10-key typing speed with 15000 KPH and zero errors. Seeking to help the California Agency achieve its goals by joining the team as a data entry clerk.

    When you have experience, mention that section as a resume summary.

    How do I write a data entry summary?

    You can write a data entry summary by telling who you are and your years of experience followed by your skills and big achievements you added to the previous company if you had one, then tell how you could benefit the company and add value.

    Market yourself actively as an opportunity or winning deal that the company can’t miss.

    For example:

    Resume Summary

    Professional data entry clerk with 2 years of experience working in the data entry field. Proven ability to enter sensitive information with accuracy and a 10-key typing speed of 15000 KPH. achieved 99% accuracy in the previous position. Eager to help the California Agency increase its efficiency by joining the team as the new data entry clerk.

    Please don’t write your resume profile as:

    Data entry employee with 3 years of experience. Skilled at MS Office and fast typing. Want to join a company for work and gaining money.

    Don’t do that disaster, write actively, don’t appear that boring person who never minds, or just sending CVs everywhere without caring.

    Whether you have experience or fresh graduates without experience convert your weaknesses into strengths and let your resume profile appeal to the hiring managers.

    For more attention-grabbing mention the company name in your resume profile, that will reflect your dedication and how you are paying attention to details.

    How can I get data entry with no experience? 

    If that is your question you might didn’t think hard enough. Almost all jobs have data entry included.

    Worked as customer service, accountant, writing content, or even software developer? Of course, you did tasks of entering data on a computer or online system.

    How to structure work experience in resume for freshers?

    Whether you are writing a CV for a fresh graduate without experience or an experienced candidate with years of experience, you can structure your work experience as follows.

    First, think about your previous jobs and arrange them starting from the most recent one to the oldest one.

    Then read the job description with attention to every detail of job requirements.

    Match your job experience and achievement to the job description in order to appear the best fit for the job.

    For each job mention the job title and the company name, then the dates of working.

    Click enter with a bullet points list to write your achievements.

    For every job mention 3-6 points of achievements maximum.

    How does that appear in the data entry resume for freshers?

    Work experience

    Data Entry Specialist

    Seven Programs
    01-2020 – 02-2023
    -Extracted data of patients from various sources and managed it in an organised computer-based system.
    -Executed and ensured on-time delivery of all necessary emergency department consumer assessment packets.
    -Immediate transfer of emergency department documents into the MHWIN computer program system.

    Avoid mentioning your tasks and responsibilities but convert them into compelling achievements.

    Describe every achievement with an action verb based on the tense you worked on.

    When you don’t have any experience at all enhance your data entry resume for freshers by showing your faculty projects that are related to the data entry field or you can take an online test that proves your skills like the touch typing test.

    The essential section of each resume is the education section.

    It plays an important role in the data entry resume for freshers especially those who don’t have any experience at all.

    How does the education section appear in the data entry resume for freshers?

    Educational background

    Bachelor’s degree in business administration
    California university.USA
    2018- 2022

    As it appears in the example the education section is so simple section you only need to mention your degree and the university name then the graduation year.

    If you didn’t finish your faculty or didn’t join the faculty at all, that’s not a big problem in the field of data entry.

    Data entry resume for freshers don’t include faculty in most cases, you can work with your high school that’s all you need to get a job.

    in a good CV for freshers, the education section is at the upper part of your resume closer to the top.

    how to write a good resume for freshers without experience?

    Simply the answer is good related skills.

    The skills section is the winning section for every data entry resume for freshers.

    In that section make a blend of your hard skills and soft skills however, data entry jobs depend on hard skills more than soft skills.

    Examples of skills you can include in your data entry resume for freshers:


    -MS Office
    -Google Docs and spreadsheets
    -Fast typing
    -Attention to details

    Before writing your skills section make sure you read the job description well, you need to highlight the skills required for the job, not every skill you have.

    After completing the stage of writing a data entry resume for freshers the checking stage comes.

    For this mission, you can use the ATS resume checker to check your resume for ATS and grammar mistakes.

    Resume Forrest can be your great assistant in the revision stage or even the building stage.

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    Resume Forrest offers a great ATS resume checker that can help you review your resume easily.

    writing a data entry resume for freshers might seem a confusing mission but now you have the required knowledge to craft an attention-grabber resume.


    • Mentioning the company name adds more attractive factors to your resume.
    • Data entry jobs need a few skills you can gain without work experience or high education.
    • Setting your resume format and layout is very important when it comes to crafting a data entry resume for freshers.
    • Additional sections like language, training, internships, hobbies, and interests add more personalization to your CV.
    • A resume builder can help you craft a professional resume that appropriates both human and AI.

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