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The best ats resume template free

Use our friendly ats resume template free to secure an interview and land your dream job.

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    When applying to a big company, you will most likely need an ats-friendly resume template. Recruiters use ATS systems to keep job applications stored, tracked and filtered by relevance. We will provide you with a friendly ats resume template free to increase your chances of success in passing the ATS check.

    How to create a friendly ats resume template free of errors?

    When you upload your resume on a job application form, the ATS reads through it trying to fill out certain sections that are required by employers. 

    By using an ATS software program, recruiters can select the potential candidates for the position. That’s why you need to craft a friendly ats cv format, following the below steps will help you craft an ats resume template free of errors:

    Use Single-Column Format

    For most recent systems that use the up-to-date OCR techniques, it can be very easy to recognize different columns of data. However, if you have an ATS with old school methods, then your CV might look completely muddled because all the texts would be combined together. 

    For instance, if on one side of your resume you have listed your experience while on the other side appears skills – this is read from left to right by a given ATS and anything in between lines will be connected to make a mess out of information flow entirely. The one-column format will ensure no such problem arises during the process and help you craft an optimized ats cv template.

    Use the Chronological CV Format

    A CV can narrate your background in different ways. The usual format is a chronological one, which starts with the latest entries of education and job experiences that are arranged in reverse order. 

    There are also some less common forms like functional or skills-based ones, often taken up by novices. When writing your cv ats template, make sure you list its details in a chronological manner because ATS are designed to follow this pattern. 

    This format is favored by recruiters almost universally because it is cv ats-friendly and demonstrates your career progress chronologically, giving them an idea of how you have become the professional you are today.

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    Use Common Headings

    When processing resumes, ATS normally looks for similar headings to identify blocks of data,.Thus if you decide to give them very creative names, then chances are that ATS will not be able to understand it well. 

    Similarly recruiters do not mind using standard headings too because sorting through such organized resumes is much easier and helps you on the other side to create an ats resume template free from errors.

    Use the Typography Hierarchy Clearly

    Your CV headings should be distincted visually by size of fonts, that means that you need to use larger sizes of fonts for your titles and smaller ones for the content. That helps you to craft an ats resume template and when typography properties are employed to show hierarchy, it becomes easy to read your CV and split up its unity by ATS and recruiters.

    Use Fonts That Work for ATS

    It is preferred to use Times New Roman and similar fonts, that helps to create an ats template, but There won’t be any other font as long as it is clearly visible and it looks like ordinary writing.

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    Use proper spacing

    With proper spacing amidst contents it becomes clear what text belongs to what part of the CV thereby making it easier for ATS parser to make right choices again. One cannot overemphasize how important excellent readability is in any ats cv writing.

    No Background Colors

    Background colors with inverted text might present a challenge for CV parsing if OCR is used by an ATS. This will depend on how it is set up – whether it converts the image it initially creates to enable reading of the text from the document into grayscale or not and whether the resultant contrast is enough to differentiate text elements. 

    For parsers that do not use OCR though, there would be no difference whether or not the document has background colors because ATS will ignore such visual parameters. While in most instances this shouldn’t be an issue, it would be advisable to avoid backgrounds so that your CV can suit most variations of ATS.

    Use PDF, DOCX, or TXT

    The choice of the file format to use depends on which file extensions ATS supports. In job ads or the job application form itself, companies usually indicate what files can be included. PDF is always by default 99.9% of the time but one should choose it regardless. 

    This will ensure CV uniformity on every device recruiters could be using and as long as you generally follow ATS-friendly CV format when developing your content, parsing by an ATS should never be an issue.

    What Content to Include in your error free ats resume template?

    An ATS will parse your resume and automatically fill in the online application with necessary details like: Contact Details, Location, Experience, Education, Certificates (if any), Skills and Languages as well. 

    These are the main parts that capture all essential aspects of your expertise. Although not all applications will require you to provide this information through system form, but those that do would have a smooth parsing done for them.

    Also the normal arrangement is valued by employers scanning your C.Vs . When filling out the content ensure that you prioritize its relevance including only what align to the specific job requirements.

    Remember that  ATS particularly, tend to miss some data so as to guard against recruitment discrimination, include theses: a photo of yourself, day of birth, and marital status.

    Best ats resume template free

    Whatever your job is, we designed an ats resume template free online that can be used for all the positions. all you have to do is to modify this ats resume template free word to align with your needs.

    All you need to do is to fill these sections with your details to get a ats resume template free download:

    [Your Name]
    [Your Address] | [Your Phone] | [Your Email] | [Your LinkedIn Profile]
    Committed and changeable employee with diverse expertise, looking to use my understanding in a position of a [Target Role]. I thrive in collaborative cultures, excelling at [Key Strengths 1], [Key Strengths 2], and [Key Strengths 3], and consistently achieve the highest possible standards. Continuously learning and applying new techniques to improve effectiveness.
    [Skill 1], [Skill 2], [Skill 3]
    [Skill 4], [Skill 5], [Skill 6]
    [Skill 7], [Skill 8], [Skill 9]
    [Skill10],[ Skill11],[ Skill12]
    [Job Title],[Company Name]|[Start Date]-[End Date]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Company Name], [Job Title] | [Start Date] – [End Date]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Quantified Achievement]
    [Major/Specialization], [Degree]| [Graduation Date],[Institution Name].

    All you have to do is to put your top skills, especially those that align with the job description in addition to the position you occupied and what you achieved in each position in numbers.

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