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Top 3 android developer resume for fresher

Craft an impressive android developer resume for fresher that showcases your potential. We will explore the key components that should be included in your resume, providing you with valuable insights to help you stand out among other applicants.

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    If you have trouble creating an effective android developer resume for fresher, don’t worry Resume Forest has helped many aspiring developers to craft their resumes and get their first interviews and find their dream job. 

    In this article, we will provide you with different examples for android developer resume for fresher and a guide that can teach you how to craft a resume from scratch or use Resume Forrest The Best Resume Builder.

    This article is discussing these points:

    • How to write an android developer resume for fresher? 
    • Cv Android Developer example

    How to write an android developer resume for fresher? 

    An android developer resume for fresher that will get noticed by hiring managers may need specific formatting and content. Here are some steps you can take when writing your android developer resume:

    1- Format you android developer resume for fresher

    Formatting your android developer resume for fresher ensures the employer finds information he wants to know about you fast enough. That mean you need to follow some steps:

    • You may want to put down your work chronology in order to help the hiring manager see how far you might have grown in terms of your career development.
    • Using a consistent layout and style also shows that you are organized.
    • Use a formal and professional font type.
    • Choose the right font size, that means you should use a 10 to 12 font size.

    2- Tailor your for each Android developer job description

    Every opening position has its own set of things that must be accomplished. Therefore instead of making several applications with the same android developer resume for fresher, try adjusting it slightly every time you send an application.

    Identify the keywords, Android developer skills and responsibilities required by a company then match them with what you have done that helps you pass the ATS check. For example these could be certain programming languages or stages in development where one has gained expertise.

    3- Write a strong android developer resume summary

    It is a professional brief at the top of your resume where you can highlight your best skills. Consider mentioning some of the skills and experience most relevant to them, including certifications or metrics such as how many applications developed.

    Know how to write a fresher android developer resume

    4- Include your education and certification

    This would be the best section to show you are the perfect candidate especially if you have the required academic background, because some developer positions require certain education or certifications; for example, one might need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field. 

    You can specify which degree/certificate have you earned from which school did it come from that show that you possess enough knowledge necessary for performing duties required by such jobs.

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    5- Include skills

    Technical skills for android developer in resume can help you list the particular languages, processes and soft skills with which you have experience. 

    You can include a simple list of these on your resume that hiring managers can review quickly. Here some of the skills you may include in your Android developer CV:

    • HTML
    • Java
    • C++
    • Mobile platforms
    • Python
    • User interface
    • User experience
    • Problem-solving
    • Cybersecurity
    • API
    • Communication
    • Time Management skills.

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    6- List your work experience

    As a fresher you may have no experience, but you can write about the projects you worked on and any positions you worked for as an intern.

    Here you can detail your responsibilities and achievements in each project you’ve held. After finishing crafting your android developer resume for fresher use our CV Optimizer to check your cv.

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    Cv Android Developer example

    If you are looking for an android developer resume template free, then here are 3 entry-level android developer resume examples you can use if you are fresher or use Resume Builder For Free:  

    Android developer resume for fresher example 1 

    Your Name
    Android Developer at Entry Level
    Phone Number
    Email Address


    A passionate Android Developer at Entry Level eager to learn more about mobile application development. Seeking a new position to develop my programming skills and join a dynamic team where I can learn more.


    BS – Computer Science (Mobile Applications and UI Design), [University Name], [City, State], [Year of Graduation]
    Android Development Certificate Certification 


    Trainee Android Worker, Company name, date

    Constructed navigation feature for shopping app which increased user conversion by thirty percent
    Worked on AI project that improved app recommendations and drove up revenue by fifteen percent
    Made use of Firebase as well as SQLite in enhancing the backend of an app which resulted in twenty percent improvement in data management efficiency.


    Languages: Kotlin, Java, C++, SQL, XML, Python
    Android: Android SDK, Android Studio, Firebase, Retrofit, Room Persistence Library
    Tools: Git, Jenkins, Gradle, JIRA, Espresso, Mockito
    Methods: Agile/Scrum/TDD/CI


    Associate Android Developer Certification (Google), UI/UX Design Specialization (Coursera)

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    Android developer resume for fresher example 2 

    Your Name
    Android Developer (Entry Level)
    Phone Number
    Email Address


    Passionate fresh graduate entry-level android developer who has recently taken part in an intensive boot-camp technology. My main goal right now is to use my knowledge in Java and Kotlin programming languages by developing useful and user-friendly applications that work well.


    Intern Android Developer, Company name, date

    Developed mobile features that increased user experience by 40% and led to a 30% increase in user engagement.
    Contribute with an agile software development team of 8 members from different departments to deliver 5 projects.
    Streamlined mobile application programming through use of Java and Kotlin, which reduced the bug rate by 11%.


    BS – Computer Science, University Name, Date 
    Certification in Android Development, Institute Name, Date


    Android Studio
    Visual Studio Code
    Mobile Development: Android SDK, Firebase, RESTful APIs, Retrofit, Flutter, UI/UX Design
    Databases: SQLite, Room, Realm, Firebase Realtime Database, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

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    Android developer resume for fresher example 3

    Your Name
    Android Developer (Entry Level)
    Phone Number
    Email Address


    Recent graduate eager to start working as an android developer. Throughout my academic projects, I have worked with Java and Kotlin which gave me hands-on experience so now I want to apply my newly acquired technical skills in creating attractive mobile apps that will not only meet but also surpass users’ needs.

    Bachelor of Information technology, University Name, [Year of Graduation]
    Coursework included Mobile App Design, Java & Kotlin Programming


    Intern Android Developer, Company name, date

    Created a chat feature, sparking a growth in ongoing user conversations by over 45%.
    Launched two new features by following the solid principles and best practices for Android development.
    Made use of RESTful APIs and Android SDK to improve efficiency of application by 25%.


    Programming Languages: Java (advanced), Kotlin (advanced), XML (intermediate), Python (intermediate), C++ (basic), SQL (basic)
    Android Development: Android Studio, Android SDK, Gradle, Firebase, RESTful APIs, Jetpack
    Development Tools: Git, JIRA, Bitbucket, Jenkins Power Amplification for Characteristics and Testing (PACT) Espresso

    Developed task management app with cloud sync functionality for Android users as a personal project.

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